Troubleshoot WiFi problems on Nokia devices

Troubleshoot WiFi problems on Nokia devices. Do you have problems with Wi-Fi on your Nokia device? Do you have problems with WiFi connection with your Nokia phone? Mobile data packages allow users to use the internet while on the move, but this technology has its drawbacks.

Mobile data is slow, expensive and unreliable when compared to Wi-Fi, which makes browsing, downloading and uploading simple. If you are using a Nokia smartphone, you are lucky enough to have bought a phone that is ahead of its time, with efficient Wi-Fi connectivity, however, sometimes even phones with a TOP configuration temporarily interrupt the connection to a network or a Wi-Fi router.

We want to help you with this article to solve troubleshooting WiFi problems on Nokia devices. You tried to turn on the wifi on your phone to access the Internet via wifi but the phone is not able to connect. Or if you connect, it is not able to sustain the signal for a long time, which obviously can hinder the browsing experience.

If you have problems with Wi-Fi on your Nokia, you have come to the right place because we will discuss every single method, hack and suggestion available to solve these random and temporary problems. Firstly, you should know that almost all smartphones today use the wifi to surf the internet, but the problem with the wifi is normal? The answer is Yes, it’s quite normal because some brands’ phones suffer from these problems.

Troubleshoot WiFi problems on Nokia devices

Activate / deactivate the Wi-Fi network 

When you turn on the wifi on your phone, you start a procedure in which you establish a connection with a router or a wifi network nearby. But many users have said that whenever they touch the Wi-Fi icon, the Wi-Fi feature does not start the first time or, if started, does not connect to the wifi network. A very simple quick fix for this problem is to turn Wi-Fi on and off multiple times. In addition, you can go to “Settings >> Wifi” where all the networks are listed. This allows the phone to connect to a nearby network.

Activate / deactivate airplane mode

Airplane mode is designed specifically for airplanes because its radio frequency can hinder the frequency used by the aircraft to communicate with ground control. Disable all incoming, outgoing, wifi and cellular connections when enabled. A user can still use the wifi mode in airplane mode, however, if you are not aware of the procedure, it is possible that you can not access the Wi-Fi network until the airplane mode is enabled.

If you’re having trouble connecting to a Wi-Fi network when airplane mode is on, try tapping the wifi icon in the notification bar several times. This will start the wifi on your phone.

Forget and reconnect 

When you tap the Wi-Fi icon, your phone will automatically connect to a nearby network, but if you do not connect and use more than usual, you can use this trick.

  • Just open the Wifi option under the Settings app on your phone.
  • The next step is to touch for a long time on the wifi network you want to connect to.
  • Here, you will have the possibility to forget the password for the aforementioned network.
  • After you forget your network, touch it again and enter your password, then click on Connect.
  • This should connect the user to the wifi network.

Restart the device 

It sounds easy, is not it? If you have read other tricks and problems on our blog you will have noticed that to solve most of the software problems simply reboot the phone. An app or service uses resources like memory, RAM, and other components. When trying to multitask or open multiple apps at the same time or if the system is overloaded with excessive apps and background processes, the system slows down.

There are other backlogs that can reduce the processing speed of the device and this is where the device reboot comes into play. When you restart the system, you close all processes and apps on the phone and clean up the memory, RAM and other resources. In addition, restarting the device can solve most software-related problems, which means that the WiFi problems on Nokia devices you’ve complained about can be solved by simply rebooting the device.

Reset the router 

You will find this trick really easy. In case of problems connecting to a private router, e.g. at home, you can reset the router. Look behind your router, you’ll find the power button, the slots for inserting Ethernet cables and other slots and a small button called “reset”. If you are not able to connect to a wifi network, simply press the button that will restore or update the wps and, therefore, allow the user to connect. Or, you can turn off the router for about a minute and then turn it on.

Check the frequency bandwidth

Check the bandwidth of the wifi that your system is using as there is a possibility that the bandwidth used by the router and the phone may be different. In these cases, it is possible to change from 2.5 GHz to 5 GHz. To change the bandwidth, you must enter the default address of the router which can be “″, “”, “ “,” “etc. After entering the default address, you will find information about the channel, bandwidth and network mode in the Wireless settings.

We’ve just listed all the tips if you have WiFi problems on Nokia devices. If you have not been able to solve through these tips you just have to perform a hard reset of your device.

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