How to turn off iPhone X

As we all know, the iPhone X has lost the Home key to make room for a screen covering the entire front of the smartphone, of course, this has led to the adoption of a series of gesture to replace the very dear Home key. If you own an iPhone X and do not know how to turn it off then it may be useful to follow our guide.

This is a very simple guide on how to turn off the new Gem of Apple.

How to turn off iPhone X

Yes, it may seem a foregone operation, but I assure you it is not at all. In previous models of the iPhone, in fact, it was enough to hold down the on / off button and then swipe to the right. In this way the Power button had the main functions, that is to awaken, lock, turn off and on the device.

With iPhone X, however, the power off and on has been abandoned to make room for other functions that take advantage of the Power button. So let’s see how to turn off the new smartphone.


To do this, you must simultaneously hold down the Power button and one of the two volume keys. At this point we will be given the opportunity to swipe to the right to turn off the smartphone or to start an emergency call.



As we have seen, this is not a so obvious procedure. The functions of the Power button have been changed to make room for other functions, such as the activation of Siri.

If you want to know all the gesture available for this little gem you can consult our guide.

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