WhatsApp has introduced the possibility to share the position in real time, in such a way as to always know where a person is. It has already talked about it a long time ago and then nothing more. It seemed like a function that should not go to port, but here it is, ready to arrive on the devices of millions of people.

Let’s see what it is and how it works.

Whatsapp and sharing in real time

It is always about sharing your position (like the current one) but with the only difference that it will update automatically and in real time every time you move. So, if you move, you will also move your marker on the map. A great way to keep your interlocutors always up to date on where you are.In groups, when multiple users share their position over the same period of time, all the indicators will appear on the same map at the same time, in order to have a general view of all the participants.

How to activate

Just open a chat, click on the attachment icon (the clip) and then select the new option “share current position“. You will then have to select the period of time in which the position will continue to update. You can, however, stop sharing at any time (even before the deadline set by you).

It’s useless to say that this type of sharing, used for a long time, could affect your battery as it will keep the GPS active during use.


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