Uninstall the Epic Games launcher from Mac or Windows

Uninstalling the launcher from the Epic Games Store is a simple task, but one that requires some attention from the user. This is because the game client has a habit of running in the background and, therefore, if it is active, it will not be possible to remove it from your computer or Mac. See how to uninstall the launcher from the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games Store

How to uninstall the Epic Games launcher

The Epic Games launcher, like that of Steam, tends to run in the background even when it is closed and, depending on the installation settings, will run whenever you start Windows or Mac. If you try to remove it normally, computer will display an error message, saying that the program is still running.

In this case, it is necessary to first stop the launcher activity of the Epic Games Store, and then uninstall it. The first step is to close the launcher and check if there are any processes running.

1. On Windows 10

  1. Press the key combination “Ctrl + Alt + Del”;
  2. Click on “Task Manager”;
  3. Select the item “EpicGamesLauncher” and then “End Task”.

2. On macOS

  1. Open the Finder, click on “Applications”, “Utilities”;
  2. Open the “Activity Monitor” tool;
  3. Select the “Epic Games Launcher” process and click the “X” button in the upper left corner of the window.

Now, it is possible to uninstall the launcher without any problems.

1. On Windows 10

  1. Click “Start”, “Settings”, “Applications”;
  2. In “Applications and resources”, find the item “Epic Games Launcher”;
  3. Click on it and then “Uninstall”;
  4. Confirm the requests and end the uninstallation process.

And ready.

2. On macOS

  1. Open the Finder and click on “Applications”;
  2. Click and drag the Epic Games Launcher icon to the trash.
    You can also right-click, and then click “Move to trash”;
  3. Right-click the trash, then click “Empty trash”.

That simple.

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