Find and use an attractive Instagram filter

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The more people use filters on Instagram Stories, the more filters appear. Some of them have become fashionable and become very popular – like the filter that changes the color of the eyes, the baby filter, angel filter, aging filter or quiz (which animal you look like, etc.). Yes, it’s kind of (totally) silly, but it’s kind of fun!

This is because Instagram has introduced the ability of users themselves to create augmented reality filters through Spark AR Studio. Since then, we have been supplied by a constant flow of filters created only by users.


But, how to find them?

How to find an Instagram filter

So, how do you find these filters? That is the question! Instagram does not allow you to search for filters as you would for profiles and hashtags. But you can “browse through the filters” by touching anyone’s name on the camera and see others in their categories.

The easiest way to find the trendy filters that were created by users using Spark AR Studio is to access the creators’ profile on Instagram and touch the tab that looks like an emoji, next to IGTV, in the profile menu. There, you will see the filters they have created and can use them. A button at the bottom of the screen says “Try”, tap.

This button activates your camera and automatically applies the filter to your selfie. After experimenting, you can save it by tapping the filter name and select “Save effect”.

Another way to try to find filters is to follow the hashtag marked on it, when that happens. This usually leads to the designer, depending on how many people used it, whether it became fashionable or not. Searching the hashtag is usually easier, isn’t it?

Three ways to find a selfie filter

  • Did you see a Story of a friend that is a great filter? Stop now! Below his name, touch the name of that filter. Touch “Try” or “Save effect”;
  • Go straight to the developer’s profile, say, save your name and see the filters he has already sent to Instagram by touching the “Emoji” tab, next to IGTV;
  • Search for the hashtag associated with the filter and find Stories made with the filter. From these Stories (not from the feed photos), find the creator of the filter and access.

Don’t forget to save the filter to have a shortcut at hand.

Now you know how to discover an Instagram Stories filter and use it too …

Hey, Instagram, we want a filter search.

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