9 Unknown Ways to Market Your Business Online

In this fast-growing world, paying no heed to online marketing for business means overlooking the endless opportunities to grow and survive. Earlier, traditional marketing was all about printed ads, flyers, broadcast, and tally marketing. However, now you require modern tools and strategies to promote and attract new customers.

With emerging technologies, indeed, the opportunities are infinite, but the competition is high. So, if you wish to know what options you hold to promote and grow your business, this article is for you. 

Let’s address nine unknown ways to market your business online. 

Unknown Ways to Market Your Business Online

1. Create and verify your google profile 

Yes! One of the smart and straightforward ways to market your business is by creating and verifying the Google profile. While securing 90% of the business market share, google enables your business profile to appear in the local section of the Google Maps results. When someone searches for your brand name or location, google shows it in the search results. You are only required to verify your business ownership with the help of my business account so that your it looks more professional and verified.

On the other hand, after receiving the ownership, optimize your Google listing, which directly shows you at the top of the search result. Therefore, if you appear at the top of the google results, it automatically gets promoted. And, the best part is it’s free.

2. Personalized homepage  

People usually go through the ”About Us” section to understand the insights of your business instead of having a loaded page with usual and standard sections. Try to add a personalized touch through the team’s pictures, customer reviews, company infrastructure or fun activities, etc. 

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3. Say yes to social media 

According to Bryan Weiner (CEO, Comscore), “Social marketing eliminates the middlemen, providing brands the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers.” True, social media allows businesses to grow and reach new customers while increasing the brand’s online presence. Instead of relying on a single platform, ensure to utilize diverse platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., to have the best possible leverage. 

Social media allows businesses to grow and reach new customers while increasing the brand’s online presence. Moreover, 78% of consumers get influenced by the company’s social media posts in accordance with Forbes. A recommendation would be to make a free business account, find people, post daily, and see how social media works for your business. 

Say yes to social media

4. Conduct a giveaway

Who doesn’t like free things? However, when it comes to conducting a giveaway, it doesn’t necessarily mean providing stuff for free. Instead, it implies offering worthwhile discounts on various products or introducing specific offers like ‘buy one get one’ to at attention potential and existing customers.  

Many brands are following this trend to attract more and more customers since it leads to brand awareness and boosts the chances of landing a potential customer. 

5. Intensify your SEO

One of the essential aspects that require attention is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By strengthening SEO, you open the doors for traffic and enhance your website’s visibility on Google and other search engines. Hence, the combination of the right strategy and an SEO expert can offer significant results. 

Be a part of local events

6. Word of mouth marketing 

Talk about your brand. Such a practice can work wonders and help others to remember your brand. Besides, interactions can be a game-changer, creating much-needed brand awareness. Also, try to figure out what are your clients’ requirements while providing them with information about the product/brand. 

Ensure to converse and spread awareness about your product. And, remember, selling shouldn’t be your objective. Instead, educate them.

7. Welcome feedbacks 

It’s vital to welcome both types of feedback: positive or negative. Feedback enables your client base to know you are acknowledging them. Since onboarding a new client is exceptionally challenging, pay attention to your clients. 

8. Be a part of local events 

When the world is going digital, it is imperative to become a part of local events to promote your business. Besides, it enables you to make good connections with local customers. Whether it’s fun or seasonal event, participate in it, create videos, and upload them on social media. 

Be a part of local events

9. Email marketing is crucial

Email marketing is one of the exceptional ways of marketing, which can cover newsletters, promotional discounts, and other activities. Sending relevant emails to a targeted audience can help your business and retain the interests of your existing customers.

Wrap up 

There are countless ways to promote your business online. As a result, implement listed strategies and administer even a slight change. Be patient since some steps might take time to show results. In addition, try to keep yourself updated with ongoing trends and discover innovative ways to promote your business online for business growth.

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