How to unlock characters in The Binding of Isaac

The biggest difficulty of The Binding of Isaac is to unlock the characters. In the total of the game, there are 13 characters and three of them only with the purchase of the DLCs “Afterbirth” and “Afterbirth +”. We’ll show you how to unlock Judas in The Binding of Isaac and everyone else. But, don’t think that this will end all the challenges of the game.

You will need many hours of insisting until you can unlock the heroes. Focus to complete the demands made by the game and take advantage of everything it can offer.

The Binding of Isaac

Following the guide you will be able to unlock all the characters in The Binding of Isaac. Are you ready for the challenge? The unlock mechanics are made for the most active players in the game. Each character has a sequence of actions that must be done to release. The most difficult ones require the right sequences.

Patience and training will be very necessary.

How to unlock Judas in The Binding of Isaac (and others)

Character Version As? Difficulty
Judas Rebirth Defeat Satan Easy
Magdalene (Maggy) Rebirth Take 7 heart containers; cannot be spent Easy
Cain Rebirth Collect 55 coins in a single run Easy
Eve Rebirth Complete 2 floors without taking any hearts Medium
??? (Blue Baby) Rebirth Defeat “Mom Heart” 10x Easy
Sansom Rebirth Complete 2 floors without taking damage Difficult
Azazel Rebirth Make 3 pacts with Satan; red chest items don’t count Medium
Lazarus Rebirth Catch 4 Soul Hearts; must not be lost Medium
Eden Rebirth Defeat Mom Heart get 1 token to play Eden once Easy
The Lost Rebirth DIE: Isaac for a Mulliboom in Basement / Cella; Maggy for her own bomb in Caves / Catacombs; Judas by Mom’s foot in Deplts / Necropolis; Azazel for the second or third form of Satan Difficult
Lilith Afterbirth Finish Greed Mode with Azazel Medium
Apollyon Afterbirth + Unlocks when starting the DLC Easy
The Forgotten Afterbirth + Defeat Mom Heart; 5x Satan in Sheol; The Lamb in the Dark Room; The head of Basement 1 in less than a minute; Place a bomb in the first room in the shadow of the shovel and get it; Defeat Mom in Depths 2; Make Boss Rush; Complete the shovel; Look for an empty room with no monsters in the Dark Room; Use the shovel to excavate the stirred ground; Dig up the bones; Weighing Released Very difficult

With the table everything seems easier … make no mistake.

The Binding of Isaac 2

Unlocking the characters in The Binding of Isaac is pretty tricky. Get ready for many hours of training and trying, persistence is what moves those passionate about this game. Certainly one of the most challenging of the new generation of indie games.

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