Unturned Codes, Cheats and Hacks

Everyone knows that it is always difficult to stay alive in survivor style games. Zombie apocalypse then, not to mention. Unturned’s list of codes and cheats will reduce difficulties and make this survival game more fun.


How to activate cheats

  1. After clicking Play on the screen in the main menu when choosing a map, check the “cheats” option that will appear on the left side;
  2. Open the chat box ( ) during the single player game;
  3. Write the corresponding code;
  4. Press ENTER to activate the code.

Unturned codes and cheats

It can be ( ) or ( )

@give [object] Produces the object
@vehicle [vehicle ID] Produces the indicated vehicle
@time [value] Adjusts the game time
@day Puts the game in daylight
@night Puts the game at nightfall
@teleport [location] Teleports to indicated location
@give username [item id #] Produces the item and the player who will receive the item

Item ID

Many of Unturned’s codes and cheats are based on the generation of items by their identification number. Here are some useful:

122 AK-47
366 Cashier
458 Generator
1192 High caliber military ammunition
44 Low caliber ammunition
328 Metal cupboard
1091 Metal wall
1477 MP40 Belgian Rifle
1201 Night vision scope
1050 Safe Zone Generator
1169 Special Operations Clothing
1379 Tommy Gun
1369 Uzi
1027 Viper Gun
1041 Yuri
120 Forest Tank
121 Desert Tank
137 Russian Tank
520 Rocket
1337 Paintball gun
104 Fireman’s Ax
1023 Nightstick
140 Butterfly Knife
1036 Katana
3073 10x scope
7 Military Silencer
151 Tactical Laser
1520 Impact Grenade
15 Medical kit
389 Antibiotic
253 Military Backpack
182 Black jacket

More information: steamcommunity