Victoria II commands, cheats codes and Tricks

The game takes place at the height of world imperialism until the eve of World War II. By controlling any of the 200 nations available, it is possible to become the largest empire in the modern world. With cheats on Victoria II is easier to challenge.

Victoria II

How to enter the codes?

Open the console:

  • Press (‘) or; 
  • (~) or;
  • (ALT) + (2) + (1) ;
  • Enter the corresponding code
  • Press the (ENTER) key

Victoria II Codes and Cheats

Some codes only work with the corresponding game version:

  • Victoria II (V2)
  • Heart of Darkness (HoD) DLC
V2cashadds 1000 of money to the coffers
V2 / HoDprestige [quantity]V2 (+ 55 prestige);HoD (+ quantity);
V2 / HoDleadership [quantity]V2 (+ 100 leadership);HoD (+ quantity);
V2goods [quantity](+ quantity) in all resources and money
V2pluralityTransforms the plurality of your country into the indicated value
V2revolt [province id]Generates revolt in a given province;It needs to be done 2x to work;
V2instantconstructionTurns on/off the instant build function; The function is for all nations including AI ;
V2incInstant on/off build for human players only
V2instantresearchInstant on/off searches for everyone including AI
V2inrInstant on/off searches for human players
V2yesmenOn / Off IA nations accept all diplomatic measures
HoDconquerall [nation tag]Attaches the nominated nation to its power
V2electionAn election begins in your country
V2suppressAdds 100 suppression for your nation; It serves to control revolts
HoDreorg [province id]Reorganizes the indicated province with 100% organization and maximum strength
HoDshowrailsLeaves all tracks visible
HoDfakenews [article name] [name style] [source]Generates fakenews about a certain article
HoDnews [file name] [name style] [source]Creates news from a specific file
HoDhumans [quantity]This command creates the number of humans in your country

With these codes, you are already able to have a lot of advantage in the game. Highlight for the fakenews and news codes, showing how this type of strategy is older than it looks. It is worth spending time thinking about how to generate chaos with this type of code. After all, everything is not solved as if it were Rambo.

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