How to Use Animoji On Android Thanks to Xiaomi

Do you want to use Apple’s Animoji on Android? From today the MiMoji of Xiaomi are available for everyone and allow you to have an alternative to Animoji for Android

Download MiMoji for Android: like the Animoji on Android

Would you like to have Apple Animoji even on your Android smartphone? Would you like to use the Animoji of the iPhone also on your phone Samsung, Asus, HTC, Huawei, Honor with Android operating system?

Here is the perfect solution for you, which comes directly from Xiaomi!

The MiMoji of Xiaomi bring Apple’s Animoji on Android for everyone

As you probably noticed, at the launch of Xiaomi Mi 8, which took place last May, Chinese producer Xiaomi presented its own interpretation of animated emoji, a novelty introduced by Apple.

If the solution devised by Apple is called Animoji, that of Xiaomi is called MiMoji.

The technology used by the two companies is very different, also because Apple can rely on a hardware for facial recognition much higher and more precise than that of Xiaomi.

Despite this, however, even Xiaomi has somehow managed to offer users who bought Mi 8 a still valid and fun alternative to Apple’s Animoji.

Too bad that the Xiaomi MiMoji are available officially only for the company’s smartphone and not for all Android devices on the market.

After a few months of waiting, however, here the MiMoji have been made available via APK files for any device based on the Android operating system. And in this way all Android users can download, install and test the MiMoji, in order to have an alternative to Apple’s most famous Animoji. 

So if you’re curious to try these features on your smartphone, let’s see how to proceed with the download and installation.

How to install Animoji on Android

I’ll tell you right away that the only requirement is that your smartphone mounts at least Android 5.0 Lollipop or later.

That said, you simply have to:

  • download the APK file directly on your smartphone
  • wait for the download to finish
  • install the file by clicking on it directly from the notification bar
  • start the MiMoji program
  • start enjoying yourself with this new feature made available to everyone by Xiaomi
DOWNLOAD MiMoji for Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher

How to use MiMoji on Android

By downloading the application you can then use one of the 12 MiMoji and record videos of a maximum length of 30 seconds, change your voice by changing the pitch and save the video in the gallery.

In short, a software that is not indispensable but very entertaining, which allows Android users to touch Animoji, even if unofficially.

NOTE: it seems that there are some problems in displaying previews on older phones, even if the final result seems to have no defect.

The tracking of the movements of the face, of course, is not as accurate as it happens on the iPhone, but this seems to be responsible for Xiaomi which apparently has released a product not fully mature.


We concluded with this guide, where we saw how to use Animoji on Android.

Xiaomi’s product will not be exactly identical to Apple’s Animoji, but it’s the most similar, complete and easy-to-use program currently available for Android. Definitely worth trying for the Animoji on Android. 

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