Android 9 Pie, Dark Mode: how to use dark mode

In this guide we will find out how to activate the Dark Mode on Android 9 Pie: here is the complete procedure to set the dark mode and save battery.

Android 9 Pie, the new update of the operating system of Google, is slowly coming on all the different enabled smartphones: during the year will be many to receive the expected upgrade that, among the various functions, allows you to set the dark theme ( Dark Mode ).

Dark Mode is one of the most anticipated news on Android 9 Pie, users who choose to use the phone in dark mode can get different benefits: from the view, less tired at night, to energy savings. Surfing with the dark theme, an option on which all the main social networks and chats are aligning (such as WhatsApp and Messenger) allows you to get menus with black backgrounds and tones on gray in exchange for the blinding white (useful in daytime use).

Android 9 Pie: how to set up the Dark Mode

Although there are several customization options of Android 9 Pie, with the various custom interfaces depending on the device (Samsung, Huawei or others), the process to set the Dark Mode is the same.

If you want to activate the dark theme all you have to do is enter the “Settings” menu related to your smartphone and select the item “Display”, with all the options related to the screen of the device.

The complete procedure to activate dark mode on Android 9 Pie

Under “Theme” it is possible to opt for Dark Mode, by tapping on “Dark” or returning to the normal default setting. The dark theme is then activated and the difference can be seen in the window dedicated to notifications or in the other for navigation: the Dark Mode does not modify the background images and icons in any way, which remain colored (if you return to the menu you do not notice differences, do not worry then).

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