Messenger is one of the most used apps, after WhatsApp, to chat and exchange photos, video and audio: not many, however, know that you can also use PC in a very special web version, without the need to enter Facebook.

Just like WhatsApp Web, Messenger also has a version that can be used via a PC via a browser that allows you to send messages and manage conversations just like on the app, with an interface that is almost identical to the mobile one.

The Messenger chat is closely related to Facebook, the popular social network of Mark Zuckerberg: the application was in fact designed to continue the conversations of the white and blue social even from tablets and smartphones in real time, aligning (for specifications and content) to the most famous instant messaging applications.

You can also use Messenger from PC, without having to resort to Facebook chat (from the smallest windows and located at the bottom of the page). Here’s how to do it.

Web Messenger: how to use the desktop version

Many may feel the need to use Facebook chat in a window outside the social network. The reasons can be various: first of all comfort, with a more orderly layout and easy to consult than the small windows dedicated to chat on Facebook; secondly, being completely detached from the social network, being completely addressed to the messages sent and received.

Being able to use Messenger and Facebook chat externally to social allows in fact to avoid distractions such as notifications, which appear at the top of the chat, post with video and photos and advertising (not present in this case).

To use Messenger from PC all you have to do is open Google from your browser and look for the chat: click on the first result,, to access the official website of the application in the desktop version.

Here you will be asked for login credentials, the same as Facebook: if you have already opened the social in another window, with the mode remains connected, the page will open automatically without the need for login.

From Messenger to desktop you can also make calls and video calls, record audio messages, send stickers, consult archived conversations, unread or requests (using the appropriate gear wheel at the top left). The color of the conversations will be adjustable and will remain the same configuration given by the mobile counterpart.

Also from Facebook you can access a similar interface by clicking on the bar at the top the message icon, identical to that of Messenger, and then on “see all”: the two versions will be virtually identical (with the only difference that, in this case, the bar dedicated to notifications and friend requests is still present).