Instagram : How to answer questions on stories with music

In this guide we will see how you can answer questions with music stickers in stories. Here’s everything you need to know.

Instagram is enriched with news, and the latest arrival is the sticker for questions, a function much appreciated by users and now allows you to share music.

Two of the most popular new additions to Instagram lovers, questions and music, come together in a new look that will expand the possibilities of the now famous Stories. After placing the countdown, just in time for New Year’s Eve 2019, the question sticker now becomes more versatile with users who can answer the various questions posed by other users through music.

Touching the response of a viewer will play the shared song and you can choose to share the song in its own story.

Instagram: how to answer a question with music

To use the new answer function, just click on the traditional sticker dedicated to the questions. By tapping in the appropriate space you can respond by choosing a song, in the same way you can already share music in the stories.

The function opens the door to new possibilities for interaction: in moments of boredom, or of marked curiosity, it will be possible to share questions such as “Which song do you recommend today?” Or “What is your favorite song?”, Receiving in reply directly the song to listen to.

But the news related to the music function and questions do not stop here: for the first are added new effects for the camera able to go in time according to the shared song, while for the second comes the possibility to use the adhesive for questions also during direct.

The sticker will be implemented during the live to better organize the call and response between users, putting aside the chaotic stream of messages for a better structured interaction: watching a live stream on Instagram you can rely on the adhesive questions to ask the their questions, while those in live stream can choose who to respond, sharing the sticker with the corresponding response message live.

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