Instagram: countdown timer on stories

Instagram added countdown timer to enhanced stories, a nice timer that arrives in time for Christmas 2018 and New Year 2019: this is how it works.

Instagram is updated and the stories are enriched with a new nice feature, the countdown. In preparation for Christmas and New Year 2019 it is possible to set a small countdown in Instagram stories, to count the months, days and hours that are missing at an important event.

The new sticker is added to the audio messages, which allow you to send one-minute voice via direct (direct private messages on Instagram). The countdown allows users to set a small timer, variable in size and color, to be used in their stories by inserting it and moving it where you prefer.

How does the countdown to Instagram stories work? Here is the step by step guide to make the most of the new sticker.

Instagram: how to set the countdown

Using the new countdown on Instagram is really very simple. Open the editor of the stories and take or import a photo from your library, then click on the button dedicated to the stickers at the top right (from the left, is the third icon in the form of a smiling square, with a bent corner).

From here, as you already know, you can access different options such as geolocation, to record our position or the place we are in, the time, the music and even the new countdown sticker: it is in ninth location, right next to the question icon.

Click on this to set it: first of all, you will be asked to set a title or a phrase to give to your countdown on Instagram, for example “How much is missing at Christmas”? (there are no limits to the imagination).

Once you have done this, you will be asked to enter a date in which to end your timer: the countdown can be customized through various colors simply by pressing the rainbow-colored icon on the top several times until you find the perfect color.

You can also choose whether to set a timer for the whole day or for a certain period of time, for example a few hours or a few minutes: just select whether or not to check the “All day” button at the bottom of the date selection closing.

After the preliminary operations, the countdown can be moved, resized and positioned within the story (just like all the other stickers available on Instagram). Once shared, people who see your countdown on Instagram will be able to activate a reminder or share it in their own story.

To do so, simply press and hold on the desired countdown: a drop-down menu will reveal the “Remember it” options, to receive a notification shortly before the set timer expires, or “Share the countdown” (which will appear on the your profile within Instagram stories).

The user who originally set the timer will be aware of who will activate one of the previous options, receiving a general overview of all the followers who will have set the reminder or sharing on their profile.

The stories, you know, last only 24 hours: for this, your countdown can be shared as often as you want, finding it already set when you click the appropriate sticker.

The countdown on Instagram will be animated, with the numbers moving backwards at the precise stroke of hours, minutes and seconds. Once finished, the countdown will feature a small animation with moving numbers and confetti. What are you waiting for to set one?

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