The more time passes the camera phones are becoming beautiful, able to take great pictures and shoot videos in good quality if not in high definition. The spread of social networks basically based on the photographs shows how the photography itself has changed from the time of the film through digital cameras and finally arriving in smartphones. The same phenomenon is happening for videos, even at a lower speed. It does not surprise me, ultimately, that photo-editing applications are easier to use, and to be developed than those for video editing. Yet there are also good video editors for Android smartphones, and many are even free. Let us have a look:

1. VidStitch

I start with VidStich. It is not a video editor in the strict sense of the term because it does not directly modify the video tracks by cutting and merging them. But it allows you to create video collages with photographs and soundtracks. In practice they take the photos of Instagram, to say, and join them with transition effects accompanied by a melody. You can decide the position of the various frames, and any special effects to be applied to the individual photos.

2. AndroVid Video Editor

AndroVid Video Editor is a more traditional video editor, built with the characteristics of PCs. You can use it to cut, merge and delete pieces of different movies. You can also apply special filters to each piece of video that we are building, to improve the overall quality of the movie. Finally you can add writings, music and some transactions between one scene and another.

3. WeVideo

WeVideo simplifies video editing as much as possible. In practice it does everything by itself, just say which files to use and the theme that you want to impress on the final movie. So you can quickly get a romantic video, or noir or a simple video of the day. The end result is saved to the Cloud in the WeVideo servers themselves. And the final video can also be accessed from a PC, perhaps to correct the last details.

A note: in order to save the created videos on the PC you have to pay, or buy the PRO version of WeVideo. Alternatively, a watermark is printed on the downloaded video. That maybe does not bother but it is still nice to see.

4. VidCutter

It does not always affect a complete video. Indeed, sometimes it takes a few seconds, and the thousand animated gifs that run for social networks demonstrate just this: videos created with smartphones are more effective if they immediately capture the sign, if they hit and if they remain impressed. In short, you can also shoot a movie from a smartphone but on average it takes a lot less.

And here’s what VidCutter is forcutting and extracting only a piece of video, the one indicated by us. Using it is quite trivial, just indicate the start and end time of the piece to be extracted, and save the result in a new file.

5. KlipMix

KlipMix fully falls into the line of “all their own” applications, in the sense that they automatically perform a series of operations in an attempt to obtain a good result in a short time. it succeeds, even if not always.

What does it do? Simple, it takes videos and photos, combines them in a single film and adds a soundtrack. Left itself to KlipMix only is not much: sometimes it puts photos and videos upside down, or completely wrong the time to devote to photos and videos. Fortunately you can customize everything, and then with a little ‘patience to get good videos. Not at the WeVideo level but at least there are no problems saving them and sharing them without having to pay.

6. KineMaster

KineMaster is an awesome app, has a good gallery of themes and effects to be applied to the videos created. And also the transition effects are taken care of, some even with no discounted 3D effects. It is easy to use, even if not as famous as it deserves. The only drawback is the presence of a watermark in the videos saved with the free version of the application. But the paid version is not expensive, costs 4.99 dollars, and allows you to have additional filters in addition to the removal of the KineMaster brand.

7. Media Converter

Editing videos is not just about cutting pieces and adding special effects. Sometimes you also need to convert a video from one format to another without wasting time. It happens to me when I record something with Camera2 or PaperCamera and I want to send the result using WhatsApp: I have to convert the original video otherwise I can not send it. Using Media Converter you can set all the basic parameters, including video bitrate, resolution and the type of audio to use. Obviously with very large videos you need to have a lot of free memory in the phone but with 5-10 minute filmstrips there are no particular problems.

8. VidTrim

VidTrim combines many features of previous applications. You can use it to convert video, reduce the overall file size by reducing the resolution or eliminating unnecessary pieces of video. The best part, however, in my opinion, are the filters that can be applied to the video. In a short time, and with minimal experience, you can get well-made videos, light and easy to share.

9. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is not easy to use because it allows you to apply video effects, transactions and special effects in real time. Yes, you can add them later, in post production but doing it live allows you to get very special movies. Not necessarily beautiful, that depends on our ability and our ability. Above all the first ones will be quite ugly but with a little ‘experience and a bit of patience will be possible to create nice videos.

10. VideoShow

Finally VideoShow. That I put on the list is to get to 10 applications for both the interface nice and all in all easy to use. It does not do much more than other applications, it allows you to combine video, photographs and special effects in a single amalgamated with a personal soundtrack. The result is good, and able to impress. Nice the ability to add a comment with your own voice to the final movie: it is very documentary, or video diary. But all in all, if you have a good voice it is a pleasant possibility.


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