Do you ever want to extract audio from your videos on Android? For example, you may be a fan of videos in Podcast, or want to listen to the audio of a video without having the screen of the active device. We are talking about an operation with a thousand advantages, which can be achieved without going through the use of particularly complex software. Curious to find out how to do? Let’s see together the best 5 free apps to extract audio from videos on Android.

1.  Android Video to MP3 Converter (Naing Group)

Video Android to MP3 Converter is a very simple application for Android that you can use to extract audio from video on Android. This app, in fact, supports all the most common video formats both in terms of input and output, and is therefore able to export high quality audio tracks. To use it, simply select the “Choose File” item on the top left of the app, upload your video, change the output format and bitrate, and start the audio conversion. If you’re not looking for a particularly complex or difficult-to-use app, this is for you.

2. Video to MP3 Converter (Linterna Apps)

Video to MP3 Converter is another great app to extract audio from video, but it differs from the previous application due to a much more detailed interface. In any case, at the level of options and tools, the two apps are very similar to each other: not only you can create a copy of the original audio of the video, but also set different default qualities regarding the MP3 output. Unfortunately, unlike the previous app, Video to MP3 Converter can handle any audio format in the input phase, but allows you to save the output file exclusively in MP3 format.

3. Video to MP3 (kkapps)

Video to MP3 is another application to convert audio by extracting it from videos on Android. The basic functions are all identical to the other examples seen previously, but with a very important addition: thanks to Video to MP3 you can even intervene on the video to cut it, so you can create a highly personalized audio track. This is a very interesting app, especially for those who want to create a music list of their favorite songs. Furthermore, it is also very simple to use.

4. Video to Mp3 Converter (Jackie Apps)

Video to Mp3 Converter by Jackie Apps is actually very similar to the application made by Naing Group: in fact, the two applications have the same interface and are practically identical in every respect, regarding the extraction of audio from video on Android. What changes, then? The most important difference is in terms of audio formats supported in output: in addition to the classic MP3, you can also save the audio stream in AAC, WAV, WMA and M4A format. Finally, you can also take advantage of this application to add metadata.

5. MP3 Video Converter (Springwalk)

We close our ranking of the 5 free apps to extract audio from video on Android with MP3 Video Converter by Springwalk: another very basic app that will allow you to convert the audio stream of your videos on Android to MP3. The best feature of this application is the ability to complete the entire operation in three simple steps: it is therefore the perfect application for those looking for an essential conversion program.


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