Top 3 Ways Connect Your Desktop PC to WiFi

Old computers are not equipped with WiFi facilities, right? Some computers will also have ethernet connectivity issues. So to get internet access by overcoming these problems we should have to adopt a proper mechanism. Is it easy to get connected to a wifi router without inbuilt wifi card on your computer? do you think it is a complex task? anyway, let’s move on.

A computer without an internet connection is merely useless these days. Here we are going to see 3 ways to solve this issue.

Use your Smartphone to Connect

All computers have respective USB slots right? so it is possible to connect your phone to the computer. Just connecting a phone to a computer will not make any difference, but when worked accordingly it is possible to obtain an internet connection from the router to your computer. Please follow the simple steps

  • Turn on WiFi in your smartphone and connect to the wifi network
  • Connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable
  • Then go to Settings> Connections> Mobile hotspot & Tethering> USB Tethering
  • Enable USB Tethering. That’s it.

Here in this method, you need to keep only a smartphone in handy. If your phone has an internet connection then you can use it directly or you can use the internet from the router by having your smartphone as a mediator.

Using USB Wi-Fi Adapter

USB WiFi dongle network adapters are widely available on the market for affordable prices. you can buy one and use it to gain internet access on your computer. If you have an adapter then you don’t need to depend on your smartphone anymore. Once the system is properly installed then you can start accessing the internet wirelessly and also you can create a hotspot to share connectivity. Let’s see how to install it.

  • Once you buy the USB dongle Wi-Fi network adapter, install the necessary drivers from the CD provided along with the dongle.
  • Follow on-screen installation instructions step by step
  • After the installation, connect your computer to the wifi router with the help of the Wi-Fi network adapter. Done!

Now it is possible to access WiFi network without any additional devices except the dongle. Keep a USB slot reserved for it so that you don’t want to care it.

Insert WiFi Card to your Computer Motherboard

This method is little bit complex than the rest of the two. You may have to seek help from a technical expert to do the same. If the motherboard is compatible to accept WiFi card then you can easily insert it. After the installation, the same steps can be repeated as we saw in method two. Install the necessary drivers and simply connect the wifi network.

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