Epic Games Store: what it is, how it works, games catalog and downloads

What Epic Games Store is and how it works, the digital store to download and play many games on PC and Mac. Here is all you need to know and how to download it.

Epic Games Store: what it is, how it works, games catalog and downloads
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Epic Games Store is a platform similar to Steam that offers a digital store dedicated to PC games, available both online and through the special download program. The service is now used by many gaming enthusiasts looking for new titles to play on PC, with different genres available and lots of games on offer. But what is Epic Games Store exactly and how does it work?

The store is, par excellence, dedicated to games in digital format: through the rich catalog of Epic Games Store it is possible to buy and download many titles (mainly indie games or belonging to Epic, like the famous Fortnite ). Let’s see together what changes, how to download the titles available and how to use it.

Epic Games Store: how it works

Epic Games Store works in a similar way to other existing digital services, but obviously has some substantial differences.

First of all, the service is available in various languages and can be accessed by creating an account, or rather an Epic account (the same as that used to play Fornite). You can use the same previously created one, being able to associate it also through the various PSN NetworkXbox LiveNintendo Switch Online accounts as well as Facebook or Google profiles.

To create one, simply enter your country of originname and last namedisplay name associated with the account, a reference email and create a password.

Currently Epic Games Store is available on PC and Mac but, as stated by the developers, an Android version will soon be released. Once the account has been created, all you have to do is consult the store in the dedicated section.

Here you will find many titles available in the catalog, with the various offers in the foreground and the titles of the week available for free download.

Epic Games Store: how to download and play

The various games present in Epic Games Store can be purchased via browser with prepaid cards, credit cards and PayPal, but to be downloaded and played, a special dedicated program is required.

To download it, always refer to the Epic Games Store website and click on the blue “Get Epic Games” button at the top right . Once the file has been downloaded, proceed with the installation (administrator approval may be required) and follow the instructions in the step by step guide to make sure you install the program correctly. From here, once logged in with your account, you will be able to consult and start games in the library, add friends and purchase through the store (without necessarily referring to the browser version) and check the downloads.

Epic Games Store: offers and games available

Epic Games Store has existed for relatively little, but already has several old and new titles that are very popular with users. Every week inside the store it is possible to download a game in a completely free way, in addition to being able to count on all the Epic Games titles.

There are no real top titles: Epic Games Store aims to break through the numerous indie titles that have made the fortune of rivals such as Steam, also through periodic offers and mega seasonal sales that allow you to download digital copies of these games at a really cheap price.

Among them are The Walking Dead Telltale SeriesRoller Coaster Tycoon AdventuresBeyond: Two soulsHeavy RainDetroit: Become HumanMetro ExodusWorld War Z and many more coming.

The search for titles is a bit sparse, due to the lack of convenient labels to select and divide games to be downloaded by genre, users’ reviews are lacking, as are objectives and trophies similar to those on PlayStation and Steam.

Epic Games Store allows you to transfer the games purchased and downloaded on other PCs, thanks to the non-obligation for developers about DRM (programs to protect unauthorized copies of the game). The free games made available weekly by Epic are actually free for all: the service we remember does not require any type of subscription and it is possible to sign up even if only to download the various titles made free to download.

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