Water is one of the enemies of our smartphones that we need to pay more attention to. It can always happen that our mobile phone falls unfortunately into the water, whether in a puddle on the street, in the sink at home or in other places. Precisely because it is important to know what to do if the smartphone falls into the water we have decided to dedicate an article to this topic.

What to do if the smartphone falls into the water


Steps to follow if the smartphone falls into the water

If your smartphone has fallen into the water do not despair, it is not yet the last word! You could indeed be able to save it. Collect it as soon as possible and follow the steps we have listed below.

Turn off the smartphone

If your smartphone has fallen into the water, the first thing you will need to do, and as quickly as possible, is to turn it off. Needless to try to figure out if it works or not, a short circuit could indeed occur and you could make things worse. At this point, before continuing with the subsequent steps, you will have to hold the smartphone in a vertical position for about a minute, so as to allow a part of the water that has penetrated to flow away. Avoid shaking your cell phone, if you do so the water could penetrate even deeper.

Remove the removable parts

Once you have turned off your smartphone, you will need to remove all the removable parts, then covers, SD card, battery (if possible) and any connected devices (eg earphones). In the event that the battery is not directly removable, you could look for some online guide that explains how to do this.
NB: If your smartphone was in charge when it fell into the water, be extremely careful! The latter, in fact, being connected to the electrical network, could be electrocuted. So turn off the main power switch, wear silicone gloves and pick up the smartphone with plastic pliers or wooden contraptions.

Dry the smartphone

At this point you can proceed with the next step, that is, start to dry the smartphone outside, whether with a cloth or a napkin. Try to dry it in the best possible way, especially around the cracks and any buttons. Subsequently, to try to dry (at least in part) your smartphone inside, you can resort to the use of the hairdryer, but you will have to pay particular attention. Use the hair dryer at minimum speed and at minimum heat and do not put it too close to the smartphone, there must be a certain distance between the two to prevent the smartphone from overheating and damaging it further.

Use rice

Then there is the final step that involves placing the smartphone in a bowl with rice; you will need to make sure that your smartphone is well covered with rice in all its parts. Uncooked rice can really help you, the latter has the property of absorbing moisture in a natural way. You will need to leave your smartphone in the bowl with the rice for about 48 hours, during which you will never have to take it to try turning it on.

Final test

Once all the steps we have listed above have been performed, after your smartphone has been in the rice for 48 hours, you can proceed with its lighting. Then recompose the smartphone, reinserting all the removed parts, and try to turn it on. If it does not light up, put it in charge and see if it lights up this way. Otherwise you will have tried to do everything possible and you will be forced to send it to assistance.

Waterproof covers and IP6x certification

To prevent your smartphone from being damaged by water, you can buy special waterproof covers … Prevention is better than cure!
We also advise you, for the future purchase of a new mobile phone, to verify that the latter has IP6x certification. However, this certification does not mean that your smartphone will be waterproof, it will simply be more resistant to water and if it gets wet, unless the device has been in the water for a long time, there should be no damage.

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