An important factor for the growth of your Instagram account is to know the type of public you are most acquiring. To do this, and therefore to know who visits your profile, there are several specially created applications. In this article we will talk about the apps to see who is looking at their Instagram profile.

App to see who is looking at your Instagram profile

App to see who is looking at my Instagram profile

Unfortunately it is not possible to know who is visiting your Instagram profile. The privacy of the famous photographic social network is structured in such a way that as long as a user does not interact with you by means of likes, comments or responding to stories, he remains completely anonymous. Beyond that, there are no reliable apps that allow you to see who looks at your Instagram profile, most of them are in fact false and contain absolutely untruthful data.

Instagram Insights

Although it is not possible to see exactly the names of the people who visit their profile, it is possible to obtain a lot of useful information through Instagram Insights. This tool, offered by Instagram itself, lets you know all the useful information regarding your account and your followers.

To activate this feature on your Instagram account you will need to switch to a company account. To do this, just press the icon of the little man, go to Settings and scroll to find the item Switch to a company profile.

Once this is done, you will have to choose whether to link your profile to a Facebook page, select a category of topics and finally click on Next. Once the transition to a company profile is complete, you can use Instagram Insights.

What data is reported on Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights allows you to have a complete overview of all your Instagram account data. To access Instagram Insights you will need to tap on your profile, then press on the three lines at the top right and select the chart icon. Here you can:

  • view the number of followers obtained in the last seven days;
  • discover the Actions performed on your profile and your posts ( likes and comments);
  • discover the suggestions, with relative coverage and impressions;
  • know some information about your followers, your new posts and your stories;
  • view your active promotions.

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