WhatsApp Beta for iOS and Android: here’s how to download it

WhatsApp Beta is available not only for Android smartphones, but also for iPhone with iOS: a quick guide to try out all the new features in preview.

WhatsApp Beta, the testing app dedicated to new features, is now available for all those who want to subscribe to the program and try in previews the new specifications, both for iOS and Android.

The Beta program of WhatsApp has always been dedicated to experimenting with new features intended to arrive, after a few weeks or even months, on the official app: the objective of the testing phase is to test the new activities in the app, so make them as functional and perfect as possible before being revealed to the general public.

Over the months there have been many innovations put on trial on WhatsApp Beta and then released later, we think of the much-requested stickers or the coming soon of Dark Mode and the so-called Vacation mode. If you want to subscribe to the test program for WhatsApp Beta, here’s how to download the dedicated application for both iOS and Android.

WhatsApp Beta for iOS

To download WhatsApp Beta for iOS, and try previewing all the news, you need to follow some simple steps: from your iPhone access the App Store and start the download of Testflight.

Testflight is the official application of Apple that allows you to safely manage and download a series of programs and applications in a trial version developed for iOS, including now also WhatsApp in Beta: a sort of App Store of the app not yet ready to debut in a global way (the colors associated with the icon in fact recall those of the apple store).

Once you have downloaded and installed Testflight, you will need to accept the terms and conditions requested, as well as validate your access through a code that Apple will send to you. Now you just need to sign up for the beta program by clicking here: attention, there are likely to be requests already saturated for this first phase of testing for iOS, but do not give up.

Cupertino will gradually open the various registrations through additional slots to allow access to other users, so in case of negative results retried periodically to win a place in WhatsApp Beta.

WhatsApp Beta for Android

To sign up for the corresponding trial program for WhatsApp on Android simply sign up for the test phase through the Google Play Store by clicking on this link.

Once opened, it will be sufficient to accept the terms and conditions by clicking on “Become a Tester”: here too, you may receive a negative feedback regarding any saturation of the available places in the Beta program.

The advice of the iOS version is valid, that is to periodically try to register to access the trial version of the popular instant messaging application.

It is good to keep in mind that subscribing to the program of WhatsApp Beta has advantages, such as previewing features destined to arrive later for everyone (or in some cases not to ever arrive) but also the duty to provide developers with periodic feedback regarding to the operation of the test app. This way, you will not only be testing WhatsApp news first, but you will help the community of users and developers to release the best possible version of the app.

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