Twitter: Where is the Edit tweet button?

Are you wondering how to edit tweets on Twitter? The answer is that it is better to check well what you wrote before publishing

Edit tweet is the function we look for when we notice a glaring error or a forgetfulness in a post posted on Twitter. The problem is that, unlike Facebook (or even Instagram), Twitter does not have a key to press if we have to correct a tweet after sending.

In short, once you’ve posted an update on Twitter you can not change it. In no way. The only options available to us are two: delete it drastically or copy the tweet with the error before deleting it permanently and republishing it modified.

How to delete a tweet

Here’s how to delete a post on Twitter:

  • Log in to your account and go to your tweet stream
  • Locate the tweet you wish to delete
  • Click the arrow to the right of the tweet to display a drop-down menu of possible actions
  • Click on Delete tweets
  • Click Delete on the confirmation screen

How to publish a modified tweet

To post a revised tweet:

  • Log in to your Twitter account
  • Click on the tweet you are about to delete and open it in another window
  • Highlight text by copying with the right mouse button or shortcut Ctrl + C (PC), Command + C (Mac)
  • Click the arrow to the right of the tweet and then Delete Tweet
  • Confirm that you want to delete the tweet
  • Paste the copied tweet in the “What’s new” field using the Command + V keyboard shortcut on Mac or Ctrl + V on Windows PC
  • Make tweet changes or corrections
  • Click the Tweet button to post the edited tweet

Now the tweet with the error has disappeared and the tweet edited is online on Twitter. Keep in mind that the new tweet does not appear in the same chronological position it was in before. However, if you discover the error as soon as you press Enter and promptly replace the tweet, no one will notice the time difference.

Why can not I tweet a tweet?

For years, Twitter users have claimed the right to edit their tweets by correcting typos. Even Kim Kardashian West said that she contacted Twitter to ask for the introduction of the Edit button, and many hoped that her request would be supported. Instead, today the option is not available yet. Why? Time ago, Kevin Weil, Twitter’s product manager, explained that tweet editing could be a problem going to influence the overall user experience. The company is worried that a tweet may cause inconvenience to those who have retweeted or embedded the original post before the change.

In addition, tweets are often incorporated into newspaper articles or posts outside the microblogging site, and changes would complicate things. In any case, Twitter has never said that the Edit tweet button is out of the question, it is simply not on the horizon in the short term. The company could still opt for a solution similar to that of Facebook, which allows you to edit the posts also showing the history of changes and then the original post.

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