MacBook Air 2018: price and features of the new Apple laptop

New MacBook Air 2018 is a reality: even thinner and super portable, with Touch ID and Retina display and a power to be discovered. Here is how much it costs and features.

MacBook Air 2018 was officially presented to the public: the new Apple laptop preceded the new third generation iPad Pro during the Apple event in New York, becoming the long awaited successor of the old MacBook Air of 2015.

Tim Cook said he was fond of the MacBook line, considered by Apple as one of the most innovative products ever. For some time an update was awaited for the Air line, whose only new generation heir was the MacBook, which stands out from all the laptops in circulation for its 100% recycled aluminium body (confirming Apple’s growing commitment to green).

The new MacBook Air is available in three new colors (gold, silver and sidereal gray) and in a completely new design, which sees the introduction of the Touch ID, a new screen suitable for current market standards and a latest generation processor. As with the iPad Pro 2018, the new MacBook Air is already available for preorder and will be on sale starting November 7th.

Macbook Air 2018: a whole new design

The MacBook Air 2018 stands out from the past, and compared to the entire MacBook line, for its extreme portability. Always compared to a sheet of paper, the super compact MacBook Air 2018 can count on a new design thinner and lighter, with a 13-inch screen and the size really small for such a powerful machine: 30.41 cm x 21, 24 cm, combined with a thickness between 0.41-1.56 cm and a weight of just 1.2 kg.

Lightweight, thin and super portable: this was the mantra with which Apple has created the new MacBook Air 2018, which finally also renews its screen (set within thinner frames) with a LED backlit Retina display, equipped with technology IPS is a native resolution of 2560×1600 pixels able to guarantee 48% more resolution than the previous model.

As for the bottom, the new MacBook features two new and more powerful lateral stereo speakers (with a more powerful sound than 25% in the past) also equipped with three microphones.

MacBook Air 2018 can also count on a new keyboard of the latest generation, backlit and with a butterfly mechanism for keys that can guarantee (according to Apple’s statements) a stability four times greater in typing. Also present the classic Force Touch trackpad, which allows interaction with the MacBook Air in different ways depending on the intensity of the touch, 20% larger than in the past.

To all this, Touch ID is also added, welcomed with a real ovation from the public: the fingerprint reader will unlock the MacBook Air safely, being able to customize the function to protect documents and personal notes, save our passwords online or pay for online purchases with Apple Pay.

On the sides of our device we also find several ports dedicated to cable connectivity: on the left side there are two USB-C Thunderbolt 3, able to transfer data or transmit video at high speed; on the right side, however, the headphone jack is still present.

Macbook Air 2018: more powerful than in the past

On the side of the power MacBook Air 2018 surprises and promises performance never seen for the Air line.

In addition to being able to count on the new MacOS Mojave operating system pre-installed, the new MacBook Air is equipped with a RAM up to 16 GB (depending on the configuration chosen during the purchase) and an eighth-generation Intel Core i5 processor (with a memory 1.5 TB SSD storage).

The T2 chip ensures the safety of users, not only for personal data but also for our conversations: the new chip turns off microphones when our MacBook is closed, preventing fraudulent listening to any software with root or kernel privileges.

Unique features for the size and lightness of the device, ready to become a new leader in the ultrabook market: power and speed at a weight of just 1.25 kg are characteristics not to be underestimated for those looking for a good portable work machine and extremely versatile.

As for the battery and autonomy, MacBook Air 2018 promises an energy that can accompany users throughout the day: up to 12 hours of work (with web browsing, documents, programming) and a full 13 hours in video mode (if you are a fan of movies and TV series, binge watching will not be a problem).

MacBook Air 2018: prices

The price of MacBook Air 2018 varies depending on the configuration and the personalization chosen.

The base prices are two: $999 dollars for the 128 GB version and $1,199 for the 256 GB version. During the purchase phase you can choose to expand the RAM, based on 8 GB, up to 16, adding 240 dollars to the initial cost .

If you want more memory, with 500 dollars more you can take home 512 GB while with 1250/1500 dollars you can opt for the 1.5 TB version.

Stellar prices as always those of Apple, which for the most powerful versions of MacBook Air 2018 gets to ask users a huge expense.

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