iPad Pro 2018: A12X, almost borderless without notch and USB Type-C

The new iPad should mark the long-awaited revolution. New design, borderless but without the notch, goodbye to home button and with Face ID, new hardware and finally USB Type-C

iPad Pro 2018: A12X, almost borderless without notch and USB Type-C

Apple is preparing to revolutionize the iPad range with so many news that we believe it is too much to be included in the next iPad because Apple has accustomed us to sift changes.

The iPad Pro 2018 will represent the first device of the house of the bitten apple to be completely revolutionary compared to previous generations. But let’s start to find out how iPad Pro 2018 will be.

Size matters

Among the most interesting news we find the size, because if iPad Pro 2018 will always display 10.5 and 12.9 but the overall size will be reduced, complicit edges thinnerabandon the central home button and above all will not have the notch.

In conclusions the new iPad will have displays of dimensions identical to the previous version but will be smaller.

Face ID

Because of the absence of the integrated touch ID in the central Home button, Apple will integrate the Face ID, the facial release for the first time on iPad and the Pro 2018 will be the first model to integrate the unlocking method already seen by the iPhone X l ‘Last year.

USB Type-C: It’s no more than yes

The European community is moving to standardize at least the charging standards of electronic devices and the USB Type-C port would be the chosen one for the future universal charging connector.

Apple could be affected by these rules and therefore, but with little probability, Apple could bring the USB Type-C on the new iPad Pro 2018 after seeing it on the notebook, finally the mobile world will benefit from this new multi-use port.

This would open scenarios for cable TV connections with 4K video output and greater compatibility with different dock already on the market.

Bionic A12X chip

Finally, almost certainly there will be the new A12X Bionic processor, enhanced version of the iPhone XS and XS Max that will bring a lot of power on the reference tablet of the business world and beyond.

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