Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: release, features and price

Xbox One All-Digital Edition: a new version of the Microsoft console without an optical reader, aimed only at games in digital format is coming soon. Here’s when it comes out and how it works.

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: release, features and price
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Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: long name to indicate the new version of Microsoft Xbox One, no optical drive for discs and intended solely for the games in digital format. A long-awaited release that should arrive on the shelves at a lower price than the classic version.

The new Xbox One S All-Digital Edition transforms the trend of recent years into one of its flagship features: the digital market has grown exponentially and more and more users are choosing to buy a game in digital format compared to the physical version on disk, with a retail market that for some years has been fighting against an increasingly evident sector crisis. Digital, both on PlayStation 4 with PS Plus and on Xbox with Xbox Game Pass, like: save on the hard drive, and on the cloud, a game to buy at a price often lower than the physical counterpart is a solution that often makes useless and superfluous the presence of a reader dedicated to Blu-Ray, DVD and CD.

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: features, release and price

Microsoft has cherished the idea of an Xbox One without an optical reader since the debut of the next-gen console: following the lukewarm reaction of the users, united in the disdain of an eventual version without classic discs, the American colossus has put aside its purpose, demonstrating (in view of the new Xbox Two ) a growing interest in the digital market.

What was known as the Xbox Maverick a year ago is now a reality: pre-orders should be open as early as April, with an official release scheduled for May 2019. In the main features of course, the nature clearly revolves to the digital: with the renunciation of the optical reader, the selling price may be the cheapest on the market.

You do not yet have a certain price, but it is almost obvious that the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will cost less than the normal Xbox One. If we consider an average starting price of just over $200 for the current console, without special bundles, it is possible to predict a launch price below 200 or $199. To these will have to add, of course, any subscription to the Xbox Game Pass.


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