YouTube Music and Premium discount for students

Half-fare subscription for YouTube Music and YouTube Premium with a special discount designed for students.

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are paid services designed by Google for the popular video streaming platform: the subscription is recently available and now comes the official discount for students.

YouTube Music, next to Spotify and Apple Music, allows users to access songs and music videos on the platform through the appropriate official application or on YouTube store (after logging in through their account).

YouTube Premium is instead an enhanced version of Music, which in addition to songs and music videos also includes all the videos on the platform without the annoying advertising, as well as offering the possibility to download favorite movies to view offline and allowing even the use of the app in the background.

Both applications provide free trial options: Music can be used in a similar way to Spotify Free by accepting the presence of advertising between one listening and the other, while Premium initially provides three months for free. Now, a third option dedicated to those studying is coming.

YouTube Music and Premium for students: how it works

You can choose whether to continue using the apps designed for YouTube on payment of a monthly fee: YouTube Music provides a cost of 9.99 dollars per month (with the option Family activated at a cost of 14.99 dollars per month) while YouTube Premium offers $11.99 a month.

YouTube launches two new low cost subscription plans designed for students, following the formula already proposed by Spotify and others.

The discount designed by Google provides a price cut of 50%; the solution has just been launched in the US with $5.99 for YouTube Music Premium and $6.99 for YouTube Premium.

Prices will soon be extended in other markets: given the presence of the same initial price as regards the dollar price list, we can almost assume that the rates for student will be applied in our country in the same way (with a discount of half price).

The move of YouTube is to align with the main competitors in the industry, which for some time offer their services on sale to those who are doing a course of study: the service was born recently and has the need to carve out their share of users in a market, like that of streaming audio and video, increasingly competitive.

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