YouTube update : New way of viewing videos through gestures

Update for the YouTube app: new way of viewing videos through gestures, here’s what changes and how it works.

YouTube has changed: the new update for the official app available for iOS and Android introduces the new navigation through the gesture and changes the way you watch videos from mobile.

Navigating in the application and switching from one video to another is now possible thanks to new and convenient commands that change the way we use YouTube from smartphones and tablet: Google aligns itself with the trend dictated not only by the screens without physical buttons, by now always more present in new generation devices, but also by the need to make the use of the app simpler and less cumbersome.

Here’s what changes and how the new commands via Youtube Mobile’s gesture work.

YouTube Mobile update: how the gestures work

70% of YouTube’s views and traffic arrives, according to TechCrunch, from mobile. It is easy to understand the importance of the mobile app for Google and the new update is just another update arrived in a few months: the stories reserved for content creators, the dark mode to activate night mode, the automatic video playback in the homepage and much more.

The interest in making the smartphone and tablet version of YouTube increasingly appealing and functional is alive: with the new commands the great G aims to improve the user experience, which favors the application compared to the desktop version, also in relation to the recent introduction of YouTube Music and YouTube Premium (paid services dedicated to streaming music and videos without advertising).

The update, currently available for iOS and coming to Android, allows users to switch from one video to another through the swipe to view the next movie, simply scroll left, right if you want to return to the previous video.

You can choose whether to scroll between a video and the other both in normal mode, with title and comments, that in full screen: a navigation system that makes it less cumbersome to view videos on YouTube and that closely resembles the modes of use of the Instagram Stories.

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