Have you decided to buy a smartphone but you do not know what are the features that matter most? Here are 10 tips to understand which smartphone to buy.


With all smartphones on the market today, choosing a smartphone has become very difficult, even for the most experienced in the industry. So to avoid making the wrong purchase, here is a series of tips to follow in order to choose the most suitable smartphone for your needs:

  • iOS is easier to use; Android, however, offers you more choices. If you are undecided between iOS and Android, choose iOS only if you want something easy to use and, at the same time, you want both the best apps and the most timely software updates. If, on the other hand, you are interested in having more choices among the devices but also want cheaper solutions, then Android is what is right for you;
  • do not pay more than necessary for a phone. While the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S and other Android phones can cost even over 1,000 dollars, on the market there are already excellent solutions between 200 and 500 dollars that apart from some minor features have nothing to envy compared to products far more expensive;
  • buy the screen with the right dimensions. Buy a phone with a screen smaller than 5.5 inches if you have small hands or you want to use the phone with one hand. Buy a phone with a bigger screen if you like watching videos, playing games or big hands. Keep in mind, however, that the smartphone manufacturers now tend to make screens even above 5.8 inches but, thanks to a wider aspect ratio, it is still possible to continue using them with one hand;
  • for a phone display, color quality and brightness count more than resolution. Although a 4K screen is nice to watch, such a resolution on a smartphone may be a bit too much. Pay attention to how bright the display is, so that it is easier to see it outdoors, and how colorful the panel is ( AMOLED panels are better than LCDs in this respect). The latest models on the market also offer a feature called HDR that allows you to have even more colors;
  • ignore the megapixels of the camera. Along with the battery life, nowadays the camera has become the most important feature to choose a smartphone. It, therefore, pays attention to the focal ratio, to special functions such as double/triple objectives and to optical image stabilization, thus completely ignoring megapixels;
  • the processor is less important than you think. Even the mid-range phones now offer pretty good performance for most users. However, if you want to have a phone with the best performance, then you will have to buy a top of the range;
  • do not be satisfied with a smartphone that offers less than 10 hours of battery life. With all the features built into a smartphone, today’s modern batteries struggle to get through the day on one charge. Therefore pay close attention to the battery capacity expressed in mAh, and remember that the battery capacity is also influenced by factors such as the size and resolution of the screen, but also by the amount and type of app installed;
  • buy a smartphone with at least 32 GB of storage space. Models with a capacity of 16 GB now serve very little, even if they are models sold at a good price. If you want to store games, photos and videos without problems, then you should choose a smartphone that has at least 32 GB of space on board. If you want to have the possibility to expand the available space through a microSD, then evaluate the purchase of an Android smartphone as the iPhone does not offer this possibility;
  • evaluate if it suits you, brand or not brand. Regardless of the brand and the operating system employed, all smartphones available on the market can be divided into two distinct macro categories: brand or Without brand, which are nothing more than custom devices from a particular telephone operator, and the devices no brand, which do not indicate other, however, that the same devices but without any customization. In the case of a branded smartphone, the main advantage is simply the price at which it is sold. In the case of a non-brand smartphone, the main advantage consists in the possibility of having a device without any customization, which at times, in addition to being a bit ‘too invasive, could also compel unpleasant restrictions.

Remember, finally, that the smartphones on the market now almost all mount the Micro-SIM or Nano-SIM, so if you still have an old standard SIM, to be able to fit it properly in your smartphone, you will have to do it first replace, for free or less depending on your telephone operator.

So at this point you should have finally figured out which smartphone to buy. However, if you are still undecided then you can leave your doubt or queries in the comment box below, we will try to reach you as soon as possible.


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