Who has an iPhone or an iPad, and maybe comes from the computer world, knows how big the problem of video conversion can be to see them on different devices.

If a video works on the computer it is not said to be recognized by the iPhone, and even when it is recognized it is frequent that the proportions are wrong or that there is a loss of audio quality. For this reason, it is useful to use a video conversion software, which in most cases must be purchased.

Today we want to talk instead of the Keepvid site, a particular site because it converts videos in different formats but, unlike many others, it does it directly online,  without the need to install any program.

Keepvid: how it works

Keepvid’s operation is really simple. In fact, all you need to do is open the site and set the very few options offered that will allow you to start immediately with the conversion.


In fact, the site allows us to:

  • Choosing a file of any kind, many formats are recognizednote that the cameras of the iPhone and iPad are also recognized so visiting the site from iOS devices will be possible to download and convert a video directly from our smartphone;
  • Choose a type of file for the output, we have the choice between video (HD or SD, in case we need a reduction of space), audio and even specific formats for individual devices.
  • After choosing the “format” we can choose the output format. For computers, we will choose the extension, while if we have chosen “Devices” we will be able to choose the device we have, for example iPhone, Samsung or other smartphone models.


Pressing then the Convert Now button will start the actual conversion, and we will have to wait before uploading the file, then converting it. Of course, this may take some time, because we are always talking about video, and if we do not want to make “the mold” is the case of having a connection fast enough for a result that does not take centuries to arrive.

The online tool only performs video conversion, but there are also desktop and mobile software that allow you to have other functions available.


For computers, the KeepVid Video Converter software is available, which in addition to allowing the conversion also allows you to make cuts and adjustments, as well as to combine multiple videos together. There is also the program KeepVid Pro,  which has the function of downloading videos even from sites that normally do not allow the download, such as YouTube.

For those who use mobile apps, however, unfortunately, there is currently no dedicated solution for iOS, because there is only the app for Android. Notwithstanding, therefore, that the site is also available from iOS, we do not have available directly from the device advanced features, and this is a pity.

For those who use the computer application, however, there are all possibilities to better modify our videos; adding to this the convenience of converting videos directly online, we have a really interesting feature available, a function that above all is completely free.