20 Free Games added in Nintendo Switch Online in September: SNES Classic

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers are now entitled to 20 more free games to play on Switch as of September 2019. These are Super Nintendo (SNES) titles and among them are classics like Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

In addition to new free games every month added to the catalog on NES and now SNES for the Nintendo Switch, service subscribers also have the ability to play online and have cloud saves backed up. The monthly fee for Nintendo Switch Online costs $3.99 ($34.99 if paid annually).

Let’s go to the free SNES games added in September on Nintendo Switch Online:

Super Mario World

The title was the one that accompanied the Super Nintendo Entertainment System since its release on November 21, 1990 in Japan. Perhaps the most present in the memory of the childhood of those born in that decade, since the console arrived.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

Unlike Super Mario World on Yoshi’s Island, the player controls different Yoshis of various colors that carry Mario throughout the stages. The game was released on August 5, 1995 in Japan.

Super Mario Kart

The first racing game in the Mario Kart series, released on August 27, 1992 in Japan. Allows you to choose between Mario franchise characters and now, on Nintendo Switch Online, you can play online with friends.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

In the third game in Zelda’s series, new mechanics and items like Master Sword are introduced for the first time. By chronology, it’s the episode before the first game released for NES, when Link is defeated by Ganondorf. It was released on November 21, 1993.

Super metroid

This is also the third game in its series, categorized as action adventure, which was released on March 19, 1994. The player controls Samus Aran, a bounty hunter on planet Zebes looking for a stolen metroid.

Star fox

That classic ship and shooter game. This is Star Fox, the first debut title in an eight-game series, which was released on SNES on February 21, 1993. In history, Fox Fox McCloud must defend the Corneria world against Andross attacks.


It is a futuristic racing game that has a setting of 2560. The goal is basically to win the tournament based on the points accumulated in all races. This title was released on November 21, 1990, becoming the basis of other games of the same style, especially because of the inverted looping tracks.

Stunt Race FX

It is another game similar to F-ZERO, in the same racing style. The interesting thing is that there is a cameo in this game: at times Star Fox ships appear flying. Stunt Rance FXwas released on September 21, 1994.


The player is in a flight club to take a pilot’s license, hang glider, parachute, a kind of rocket and, in bonus stage, helicopter. The mechanics are to perform maneuvers in different modalities to get points and the endorsement of the instructor. Pilotwings was launched on December 21, 1990.

Kirby’s Dream Land 3

It is the fifth game in the Kirby series. It has a mechanic similar to Super Mario World, in which the main character advances on the stage jumping objects and dodging enemies. One difference is that Kirby can suck some of these enemies and gain abilities based on his trait. Kirby’s Dream Land 3 was the latest game released by Nintendo for SNES on March 27, 1998.

Kirby’s Dream Course

Just like Mario has his Kart series. Kirby has her episode of golf simulation, in which she herself is the ball. This title was released on September 21, 1994.

Super Ghouls’n Ghosts

The player controls Arthur in an adventure to rescue the Princess Prim-Prim, facing various demons along the way trying to stop him from reaching the princess. This is the third game in the series, released on October 4, 1991.

Demon’s Crest

The player controls Firebrand, a human in the demon world in search of the six magical emblems that control the elements water, earth, fire, air, time and paradise. Legend has it that the individual who has all the emblems will attain infinite power. The game is action RPG style, released on October 21, 1994.

Super soccer

The name already gives the content of the game. Super Soccer was launched on December 13, 1991, with a tournament mode in which the last team is called Nintendo. Once this championship is won, the player is given a code to unlock a more advanced mode of the game.

Super Puyo Puyo 2

This title came to SNES in 1995 and is an adaptation of the original Puyo Puyo 2 first released in Arcade on July 6, 1994. It is a puzzle of the style we know today in Candy Crush.

Breath Of Fire

The first game in the Breath of Fire series is an RPG where Ryu goes on an adventure in search of some keys before the great villain Zog finds them to free the goddess Tyr, who will take control of the world. The title is from April 3, 1993.

Brawl brothers

It is a fighting game that can be played in solo or multiplayer co-op mode, in which players must defeat all villains in the scenario to advance in the phase. Along the way, they find supplies and weapons. Brawl Brother is a game released on December 22, 1992.

Super Earth Defense Force

It’s another title that first came to Arcade, then landed on SNES in 1995. Super Earth Defense Force is a horizontal scrolling shooter, the player must control the ship on the X and Y axes while destroying or dodging enemies.

Super tennis

Need to say it’s a tennis game? Released August 30, 1991, this game features three game modes: single, double or tournament, and can be played by up to two players or against machines.

Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics

Joe and Mac are two cave men who are looking for a group of girls who have been kidnapped. The platform game features a cartoon look and a host of weapons like boomerangs, bones, stones and other things from these prehistoric beings. It can be played in solo or co-op mode. The title was released on December 31, 1991.

Other Free Nintendo Switch Games Games

This was the first wave of Super Nintendo games that came to Switch’s subscription service. In total, there are now 68 classic games with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) already added previously.

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