Android 10: should you update? Problems, slowdowns and locked smartphones

Android 10 has been released but is it really worth upgrading your smartphone? From the full version to the beta: all the reported problems and slowdowns. Here’s what to do.

Android 10: should it be updated? Problems, slowdowns and locked smartphones

Android 10 has arrived but should I really download and update my smartphone? This is the doubt that grips the minds of users, undecided whether to go or not to the new version of Android, officially or in beta: the first rollout does not lack in fact problemsslowdowns and singular bugs with locked smartphones, impossible to turn on once installation completed. What to do?

The first users who tried Android 10, currently available for all Google Pixel models, reported several malfunctions and problems with their device updated to the latest version.

The initial rollout of Android 10 is always an unknown factor, but nothing irretrievable: this is what is best done if you are undecided between upgrading your operating system or not.

Is updating Android 10 really worth it? Problems and slowdowns

The first reports came, of course, for users with a smartphone belonging to the Google Pixel line.

Android 10 is in fact currently compatible with all models of the great G, which are the first to welcome the new version and also the first to test possible bugs and defects in the update.

It is PhoneArena that highlights some widespread problems encountered by those who updated Android 10 on their smartphone: many Google Pixels that made the jump from Android 9 Pie to Android 10 ended up with their smartphone locked for several hours.

Some have reported a device freeze even for 6 hours: very problematic cases whose causes may be different, an error in the code or a defect in compatibility with older Pixel line smartphones.

In all cases the same problem occurs: the device is updated but upon restarting the screen remains locked on the Android 10 Q message, with the impossibility of using the device.

Better to update Android or wait? pros and cons

The reports have been gathered in the appropriate forum but next to these there are also users who have not encountered this type of problem, whose official nature is still a mystery.

So is it better to wait or upgrade your smartphone to Android 10? In these cases it is a somewhat blind attempt, the problems during the first rollouts are always around the corner and are usually solved by subsequent system patches. The defect in this case, although with very long waiting times, seems to be resolved autonomously.

Different speech instead for the beta version of Android 10: in this case, not being a real version compatible with the ecosystem of the device in turn, the problems and bugs found are different and perfectly circumscribable to the nature of tester signed by the users themselves being downloaded.

The beta versions are used to preview users’ new features, but also to better define the various versions that will be released in an official manner.

Upgrading Android 9 Pie to the Android 10 beta can be a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it has features like Dark Mode and gestures, and on the other, the real possibility of running into some system bugs.

Android 9 Pie has been released completely only in the last few months and is currently still a valid version and certainly the most complete in the vast field of Android smartphones. Leave it alone considering the risk factor, waiting for a full Android 10 release.

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