WhatsApp: how to track any contact’s location (in real time)

Spying on someone on WhatsApp through the location? You can find out where a contact is, even in real time, through a new option. Here’s how.

WhatsApp: how to find out where a contact is located (in real time)

How to locate and find out where a contact is located in real time on WhatsApp? Few know it, but the messaging app for iOS and Android contains a new option that lets you share, and reveal, the GPS position via a simple message. This way, finding out where a WhatsApp contact is located is easy and safe (and spy-proof).

There are several methods, as we know, to locate a phone via GPS. Spying on the user potion with WhatsApp is a safe and reliable trick to keep informed about where a friend, child or partner is.

Given that at the base there must always be trust between two users, here’s how to find out the exact location of a WhatsApp contact, which can be shared by the user himself.

WhatsApp: how to find out where a contact is

To locate someone on WhatsApp it is necessary that the chosen contact spontaneously shares his position with your phone number in a chat.

To do this, proceed as follows:

  • press the “+” key or the paper clip (on Android);
  • click on “Location”;
  • choose between two options “Real-time position” or “Send your current position”.

What changes? The current position is limited to showing where a contact is located at the precise instant in which it is sent, while the second one reveals displacements and movements in real time, distinguishing the contact with a special blue ball.

The real-time position provides a time limit to be chosen from 15 minutes, 1 hour and 8 hours.

You can send, and then request, the position to a contact who can then view not only where a user is but also follow any routes taken. Having the smartphone of the desired contact available, it is possible to activate the process in the same way, bearing in mind that it is an illegal practice if done in the absence of consent and without the knowledge of the owner user.

WhatsApp: app to spy on someone’s location

There are also several apps to spy on a WhatsApp contact, both on iOS and Android, which also contain some functions to locate the location of the chosen contact.

It should be noted, however, that: often these apps tend to stop working suddenly, requiring continuous updates. Sometimes it is necessary to install them on the device to spy, so you need to be in possession of the smartphone, while some require payment by subscription.

Among the most popular we find: PanSpy (Android), iKeyMonitor (iOS/Android), Hightster Mobile (iOS/Android), TruthSpy (iOS/Android).

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