Google Family Link: the Big G app to control your children

Here’s what Google Family Link, the Big G app that allows parents to be able to control their children and block their smartphone or tablet when they see fit

Google Family Link: the Big G app to control your children

The continuous technological rise, especially of smartphones and tablets that are always more avant-garde and “intelligent”, has brought numerous changes in society and obviously has involved everyone: adults and children.

It is not in fact a case that the age of use of these mobile devices is increasingly downhill and if many parents experience more and more fear and anxiety about the activities that their children perform on the web and for their virtual reality that they have created.

In order to have greater control over all these digital activities, the hi-tech giant Google, which will pay a fine for failure to protect children’s right to privacy, has created a special app: Google Family Link.

How the Google Family Link app works and what it is used for

The Google Family Link app, available for Android and iOS, allows parents to set the basic rules of their children’s digital life and follow them step by step.

So much so that through Google Family Link parents can create for their children under the age of 13 or at the minimum age required in the country where they are, to create a Google account with which the child can access Google services.

Here’s what parents can do through the functions provided by the Family Link app:

  • check the management of the device: the times that are dedicated to individual activities. As a result, you will be able to see how much time your children have spent in the Chrome browser, or to look at the photos in the gallery, how much to draw, how much to play or read. Moreover, it will be possible to set the limits of use of the device used by your children, or to block it remotely. The device lock can be set at different stages of the day. For example, when it’s time to do homework or go to sleep.
  • manage applications: parents can choose which apps their children will be able to download and which may not, consequently also controlling in-app purchases.
  • access a map that allows you to see where your children are, or rather their devices. To take advantage of this feature, your child’s smartphone or tablet must be switched on, recently activated and connected to the Internet.

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