3 Best Apps to Compress Videos on iPhone and Android

There are many apps that allow you to do any operation with your videos, including file compression. The only difficulty that you will probably encounter will be due to the choice of your favorite app, considering that there are a lot of applications made for this purpose, and that it could be very confusing. So let’s see 3 apps to compress videos on iPhone and Android.

Video Compressor (iPhone)

Video Compressor is probably the best choice you can make on iPhone. This app, in fact, allows you to compress the videos and then save the precious space on your device. Its biggest feature is the ability to reduce the size of the videos, without forcing you to know what operations it did, and without committing too much. In addition to ease of use, Video Compressor is also optimized to reduce the resolution of the video and bitrate, to save more GB in memory without sacrificing too much the quality of the final result. But the real gem is another: thanks to Video Compressor, you can compress the videos using third-party applications and even send the file by email and have it send back modified in full step. Finally, note that this app supports all popular video formats such as MP4, AVI, H.264 and MOV.

Video Compressor (Android)

Despite the case of homonymy, Video Compressor is a different app from the one analyzed previously, not only with regard to the operating system on which it runs (in our case Android). Specifically, this app will allow you to compress videos in an immediate and very simple, giving you the opportunity to share them on social networks and the most popular instant messaging apps, such as Facebook and WhatsApp. What’s more, Video Compressor for Android will also give you the ability to convert videos by attaching them to an email, supporting all popular video formats on the network.

iPhone Video Compressor (iPhone)

We admit that the fantasy of the developers’ teams of the best apps to compress video was not excellent, as opposed to the quality of their final product. In this case too, in fact, we are faced with a Video Compressor app, and even in this case the quality is really very high level.

Unlike the previous ones, this app does not provide for compressing videos via email or exploiting third-party applications, but prefers to do it all on its own. And this is the reason why the app is equipped with a codec capable of compressing any known video format with great efficiency, but without going to affect the final yield.

What’s more, by compressing your videos with iPhone Video Compressor, you might be able to reduce their size by as much as 80%: a frightening percentage, given the quality of the videos made by Apple’s smartphones. Finally, it should be noted that these conversion operations occur almost at the speed of light, since they are able to optimize the RAM of the device.

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