How to check who blocked you on Instagram

Instagram, the well-known social has been transformed from a simple social disclosure in a real instant messaging platform that allows its members, among other features, to block annoying and/or inappropriate users. Blocking a follower is really simple: just open the profile to block and select the “Block user” in the section above.

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to understand if we have been blocked by someone; Unlike Facebook (where the blocked profiles are deleted radically and are no longer visible when they are added to the list of blocks) on Instagram you can continue to see who has blocked us.

How to do it then?

We assume that the Social Network has not yet implemented an option that allows you to directly view who is blocking us. Therefore, all third-party online apps and tools are pretty much useless and do not work. The only way to find out, currently, is to try to follow the account or look at his posts.

The procedure in detail

Basically, if our intent is to see who blocked us on Instagram, we will have to proceed as follows:

  • Search for the profile in question and access its bulletin board;
  • Try touching the Follow button;
  • For a moment, it will show Follow already, but, if this profile had added us to the list of blocks, the Follow button will be visible.

Further confirmation we can have it by consulting the gallery of the account in question. From the moment we are on the list of blocked users we will be able to view only the words No more posts and trying to open the details of his Follower we will display Unable to load users.


We have seen how to find out who blocked us on Instagram through stratagems that have cumbersome procedures but that can always come in handy.

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