Would you like to discover the best apps to virtually change the body size in a photo? Well, today you can take away this whim, as we will list the four most effective applications to achieve this goal successfully and accurately. Why should you use them? For simple fun, or to see how you would be without the extra fat you have been carrying around for some time. Obviously these apps can be a huge motivational boost to lose weight, and in this regard, you can use one of the diet app that help you lose weight that we have presented on another occasion.

Retouch me

Let’s start our list of the best apps to lose the subject of a photo with Retouch me: Available for both Android users and Apple smartphones, this app is probably the best you’ll ever find. The result of the photo editing is indeed resoundingly realistic.

To see it by non-experts, it seems that there has not been the slightest intervention by a graphics software: and yet it is so. But the things you can do with Retouch are so many: you have over 30 functions that you can use to retouch any aspect of your photographs. In addition to the classic option to streamline your tummy, you can also pull off your face and even increase the muscles of your arms. Then you can also give yourself a nice tan, or click on the “Funny” tab to see what comes out.

Download: Android | iOS

Plastic Surgery Lite

Even Plastic Surgery Lite can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices. And it is also one of the best alternatives to Retouch me, if we talk about the best apps to lose weight the subject of a photo. What makes this application worthwhile to download? First of all the usual body and face weight loss functions that, as always, work more than dignified. Although not as in the previous app. But if you are looking for some very special function, here you could find bread for your teeth. This is because, as the name of the app says, with Plastic Surgery Lite you can also change the hump of your nose, increase your breasts or inflate your muscles like a bodybuilder. And then obviously there is the classic function to get a fun result.

Download: Android | iOS

Body Plastic Surgery

Body Plastic Surgery is not only one of the best Android apps to lose weight the subject of a photo, but it is also a sort of mobile genetic laboratory. The reason? With this application you can touch up any centimeter of your body. And this sentence should be taken literally, considering that you can stretch your height, or reduce the size of your head. As always, you can also eliminate the stomach and touch up the muscles of your body. Moreover, all this gives you a very likely result, so Body Plastic Surgery enters the right in the top four of these retouching applications. It should however be added that it is not easy to use: to be honest, we need a little practice to understand how the modification tools work.

Download: Android


We close our article on the best app to lose weight the subject of a photo with Spring: an application available only on the iOS market. It is not at the level of the previous ones, but still represents an excellent option to be taken into consideration. With this app you can mainly intervene on the proportions of your body. Spring, in fact, was born specifically for the purpose of slimming the body in a completely natural way, without bringing out the “trick”. Let’s say that on the one hand it is very easy to use, but on the other it certainly does not abound with available options. However, you can also resize your head.

Download: iOS

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