4 tips to secure your WhatsApp conversations

Taking care of your own privacy is no exaggeration when using WhatsApp. For personal or business reasons, in-app conversations often contain sensitive, protective data. Fortunately, the app offers several ways to protect content.

Check out some of them below.

4 tips to secure your WhatsApp conversations

1. Hide messages in notifications

By moving away from your phone and receiving important messages that require discretion, you may risk some curious reading of the notifications. To avoid this, simply hide the content of notifications so that instead of the content of the conversation, only display the word “message”, requiring unlocking the device to read them.

Go to “Settings”. Click on “Notifications”. Disable the “Show Preview” option.

2. Two-factor Authentication

A very useful feature is two-factor authentication. The next time you register your phone with WhatsApp, the app will ask you for a PIN, which is a six-digit password. This helps make it difficult for others to access other phones in the event of theft or cloning.

Go to “Settings”. Touch Account and then 2-Step Verification. The application will ask you to activate and create a password and then confirm it. You must enter and confirm an email address – for recovery if you forget your PIN.

3. Exit other devices and  WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is a convenient service for desktops and notebooks. But if it is forgotten open and accessible at work or at home, it can make life easier for the curious.

If you want to sign out of all connected devices, go to the app’s WhatsApp Web button and select “Sign out of all sessions”.

4. Fingerprint

Those who demand the utmost privacy in a device with a digital reader can use fingerprint unlocking. The function causes the application to be automatically locked after a user defined time.

To enable the feature, go to “Settings” and then “Account”. Open the “Privacy” section and at the bottom of the screen, “Screen Lock”. On iPhone, the option will be “Request Touch ID”, while on Android it will be “Unlock with fingerprint”. You can select the desired time until auto lock is done.

All functions are available on both iOS and Android.

And these are just a few tips that give you peace of mind when securing conversations in WhatsApp, but other precautions should be taken. Maintaining the security of the phone itself through lock screens, passwords and digital is indispensable, as well as paying attention to borrow and allow the use of the device by third parties.

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