5 Best online horror games to play on your Android Right Now

Games with a scariest footprint have a legion of fans. Whether on computers or consoles, titles such as Resident EvilOutlast, among others are successful even though almost overwhelming scare players. But of course smartphones would not be left out. If you like to get scared but prefer a smaller screen for that, check out some horror games for Android.

5 Best online horror games to play on your Android Right Now

1. Slendrina Series

In a clear reference to the survival horror game “Slenderman“, in the Slendrina series you basically have to walk through narrow places, houses, cells, whatever is as claustrophobic as possible, looking for old books. Once you find them, run to the exit and escape – if you can.

That’s because Slendrina hates to invade their territory and will punish severely (with death, preferentially) anyone who dares to approach.

It was better to have gone to a bookstore, but no… Let’s break into a haunted cell to get books…

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2. Granny

Another horror game where the first scare is the look of the game. In Granny, which is nothing but a cute way to call a grandma in English, you need to escape a house very carefully and very quietly. Who imprisoned you there was just such a grandma (who, in this case, is far from cute).

The “nice” old lady listens to everything. Even if you drop something on the floor it will come raging toward you (don’t break Grandma’s ornaments!). You can hide under beds and in closets. Ah, you have five days to escape (from game time, of course).

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3. Slenderman Hide & Seek: Online Battle Arena


Slenderman first appeared on the PC and had players venture out into the woods in search of notes, trying to uncover the mystery of the long-armored, socially dressed evil entity. After all, it’s not because he’s a hell envoy that can’t be fancy.

Looking at Slenderman was sure death, which often happened as you kept circling in almost complete darkness.

In Slenderman Hide & Seek: Online Battle Arena you play a type 3 against 1 multiplayer. One player takes on the role of the demonic entity in a suit and the other three are students who need to survive. Students win by destroying all Slenderman amulets.

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4. Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak

A list of horror games would not be perfect without zombies. In Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak you have to survive a zombie infested place. A lethal virus has spread through a region of tropical climate and now you, as part of a team of researchers in search of a cure, need to go to risk areas to collect DNA samples and reveal the mystery behind the “crash”.

The title can be played cooperatively with up to four simultaneous players. You can also venture out on your own with unique quests.

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5. Murderer Online

In this multiplayer game, you’ll feel the thrill (if you might say so) of being chased by killers. You can play by choosing to be the killer or the fugitive. In the death scenes, blood spurts everywhere. Needless to say, this is not a game for children.

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