6 Best online shooting games for your computer, mobile phone or tablet

Looking for online shooting games to enjoy on your computermobile phone or tablet? Here we list six of them that run on a lot of devices (some even on consoles), and which are very popular, with many players active on the platform, who will be your opponents or allies in the online games.

6 Best online shooting games for your computer, mobile phone or tablet

6 online shooting games for PC, mobile or tablet

Here are six online shooting games, one paid (in part) and the other free games, which run on both the computer, iOS ( iPhone and iPad ) and Android phones and tablets; some of them have versions for PS4Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is responsible for the boom of the Battle Royale genre, which is now the most popular. The original version for Windows, also available for Xbox One and PS4, although not free in computers and consoles, has a large number of active players, and was soon ported to the handset.

PUBG Mobile ( iOSAndroid ) brings the same gameplay as the main version, while PUBG Mobile Lite (Android only) is a simpler version for weaker phones. Both are free. In all versions, you can play against other people over the internet or form teams in pursuit of victory.

PUBG costs $29.99 on Steam$29.99 on Xbox One and $29.99 on PS4, while the variants PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite for iOS and Android are free.

2. Fortnite

PUBG may have been the first Battle Royale, but Fortnite is now the most played game on the planet. There are three reasons: its PvP portion is free, it is the same game for all platforms (without Mobile or Lite). It has versions for WindowsMacOSPS4Xbox OneNintendo SwitchiOS and some Androids, in general of the premium category.

Fortnite is the only game capable of bringing players from all platforms into the same game except Switch owners who can only face opponents on other Nintendo consoles or iPhones and Androids because of the limit of frames in 30 fps, a disadvantage against who is on PC or consoles, playing at 60 fps. Fortnite is free on all supported platforms.

3. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire ( iOSAndroid ) was the first shooting game of the Battle Royale genre released exclusively for mobile phones, and having come before Fortnite and PUBG Mobile to Android and iOS (iPhone) has become a phenomenon.

Free Fire has implemented all the features of PUBG on smartphones, and thanks to being the oldest title of the genre in mobile, has a huge installed base of players. It is one of the most profitable mobile titles. Although very similar, there are those who believe that Free Fire is superior to PUBG Mobile. Free Fire is a free game.

4. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 ( WindowsiOSAndroid ) is the latest chapter of the franchise already devoted to cell phones, and has a solid “story mode”. The cool part is its multiplayer portion where you can join your friends, and create squads with up to nine classes available. The game also allows you to follow eSports tournaments, watching matches of other competitors. Modern Combat 5 is also free.


UNKILLED ( iOSAndroid ) combines two genres: FPS and Survival Horror, putting the player and his friends to survive the zombie apocalypse. From the same Dead Trigger studio, it supports PvP matches, between real-time squads, or asynchronously in a base-building system where the player can attack the fortifications of others with their own zombies. UNKILLED is free.

6. NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy ( iOSAndroid ) is a shooting game for those who love space themes, such as the Mass Effect and Destiny franchises. It also has a story mode and an arena multiplayer mode with up to eight players that can face each other, or organize into two teams of four fighters. NOVA Legacy is also free.

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