One of the most important decisions you will have to make, is the choice of domain name for your website! Needless to say the importance of this choice in the success or not of your presence on the web.

Indeed, your domain name will have a very significant impact in terms of:

  • Click rate on search engines,
  • CTR from social media,
  • Incoming links
  • Direct traffic (search in the browser)
  • Links returning, typing in traffic,
  • Offline advertising,

There are so many sites where your domain name can impact your brand and online marketing, and we can not ignore that!

In what follows, we offer some points to keep in mind when choosing your domain name!

1) Make it brandable … and memorable!

Brandable, means that when you hear the domain name, when you get along or someone else says it sounds like a brand, or rather like a generic? This means that dashes (-) and numbers are a real problem because they make the domain name, does not sound like a mark! They make the domain name sound like generic, or strange.

If you really want a unique domain name, avoid exact matched partial keyword domain names. It is rare to have both a brandable domain name and keywords.

Examples: – Bad choice – Bad choice => Very good choice

2) Make sure it is easily pronounceable

It’s human, we tend to remember and have more positive associations with things that we can easily say and easily think about, and that includes pronounceability in our minds.

Choose good domain

3) Opt for the shortest possible … but not too much either!

The issue of length matters because of the process of influence that we discuss below. The less characters a domain name has, the easier it is to type, the easier it is to say, to share, the less it is shortened when it comes to sharing in social platforms and in search results.

The smaller your domain, the better! However, be careful not to reduce too much, at the risk that it becomes difficult to pronounce.

4) Avoid the less known extensions

Our advice is to avoid domain extensions, which are not widely known by the general public as: .co, .website, .voyage or the .club! Privilege the .com and if your domain name is not available, then focus on the .in or .us.

6 rules to choose your domain name

5) Avoid names that may affect another company or existing brand of another organization or could be confused with this brand

Our advice is really to avoid domain names, which can be confused with the brand of your competitor for example, or your supplier … Do you say that one day, this company or organization can sue you and take your domain name, for which you have provided so much energy!


6) Use keywords whenever possible

Yes, the use of keywords in the domain name remains important … although Google has reduced the influence of EMD (Exact Match Domain). The importance of having keywords in the domain name, lies in the fact that it will bring a big plus in terms of anchors of incoming links. Chances are your site will be positioned on the keyword (s) in the domain name.

6 rules to choose your domain name-2

Here! With these rules in mind, we would love your feedback on choosing your domain name. Do you have any other rules to recommend to add them to the list?


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