Adblock on Google Chrome: official version coming soon

Google Chrome will have its own Adblock: a new feature will be available from July 9 to block online advertising.

Surfing the internet can often be a frustrating experience because of the countless advertisements and pop-ups that open even without our knowledge: Adblock, and other similar tools, allow to stem this problem and on Google Chrome comes an official version to block the online advertising.

The problem is known to all users who surf online, especially if in unsafe sites such as those dedicated to online streaming: to those who have not happened, by clicking a content to view, to find themselves literally invaded by open windows without our consent, bearing often unsafe products or services?

Not only that, some banners and panels, also present in some social networks or on the most important sites, can annoy users who would like to browse without necessarily being invaded by advertising. Now, it is Google itself to design an ad-blocking system for the Chrome browser, useful to curb the phenomenon.

Google Chrome: ad-blocking due out in July 2019

The new feature for blocking unwanted ads by Google will arrive on all PCs and Macs from July 9th.

For some time the Mountain View company has declared war on invasive advertising, especially those that are more pounding or advertising unsuitable material: through a simple message it is possible to send feedback to Google regarding an ad considered negative for the online user experience.

Now the Coalition for Better Ads, an association that includes several brands and companies to control the work of online advertising, has seen the big G joining its ranks, redefining the most invasive standards and types of advertising.

In November, Google had stressed its position on the negative publicity on the various online sites, offering a window of 30 days to correct an event deemed inappropriate by users.

Ben Galbraith, product director of the new function, underlined the positive results of the tests carried out since the beginning of the year in North Americ : two thirds of the sites that were not suitable for the standards dictated by Better Ads have now corrected the shooting and they have a good web experience, confirmed by the percentage of users who filtered the ads on the portals in question (less than 1%).

We’ll have to wait until July 9th to see Google Chrome’s AdBlock enabled, and understand how it will change not only the way users browse, but also online advertising. In the meantime, the various extensions available for the Google browser and not only already offer an excellent help against online spam.

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