WhatsApp will use fingerprint to access chats

Fingerprint will be used to access the chats in WhatsApp. If the verification fails, WhatsApp will ask for the passcode or the phone password to unlock.

On WhatsApp a long awaited function by those who particularly care about their privacy is coming: the ability to hide chats and limit access to the application, by external users, through fingerprint and facial recognition.

According to leaked leaks, the new feature will be available initially only for iOS users. The update in preparation, in fact, according to WABetaInfo, will involve the iPhone, going to exploit two of the main features of the new generation of iPhone: Touch ID and Face ID.

WhatsApp: Touch ID and Face ID to protect chats

Just the biometric authentication of the iPhone will be the focus of the next update WhatsApp, which after the holiday mode and the Dark Mode is widening the spectrum of its possibilities.

The introduction of Face ID and Touch ID support in Beta Tester versions seems to be a reality. How will the way we use WhatsApp change? Simple: every time we open the application to write or read a message we will automatically request authentication via fingerprint or facial recognition, depending on our iPhone model.

With iPhone X, Xs, Xs MaX and XR you can enable, through the settings, Face ID and unlock conversations only and exclusively with our face; with iPhone from 5s to 8 Plus via Touch ID.

Does the device not recognize your face or fingerprint? Quiet, in this case will come to our rescue the unlock code of the iPhone that, once typed, will allow us to use the application and to keep prying eyes away.

An example of how WhatsApp will work with an unrecognized Touch ID

It is unclear whether access limitation will be automatically extended to the whole application or even to individual conversations, offering multiple customization options to hide or block external conversations from external users.

The support of WhatsApp to Apple technology also guarantees greater security and attention with regard to our privacy: no data will be transmitted to WhatsApp, a guarantee given by the attention and particularly restrictive policies of Cupertino regarding personal data of iOS users.

The new feature, as mentioned, is currently available only during Beta Testing for iOS and iPhone, but the future landing of the feature is not to be excluded even on Android devices (probably always after a Beta period). The release of the new update will take place in the coming weeks, while through some apps available for the green robot, such as AppLock, you can prevent access to any application through a password, a viable alternative waiting for the upgrade.

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