Being able to surf anonymously on the Internet could seem almost a utopia, in reality, there are excellent solutions like Tor Browser to visit websites avoiding regional restrictions and protecting your privacy, in this article we will see which alternative to Tor Browser offers to browse the web anonymously.

When you surf the Internet, especially the advertising companies, they analyze all the data and habits in order to show the advertisements that most can potentially interest us, so you can also analyze the connections and go back to the websites we visit or our conversations in chat.

To surf the web anonymously you have to rely on proxies, intermediaries, in this way when you visit a website, the browser connects to the proxy that sends us the requested page, in case someone will analyze the various connections, it can only go back to connect to the proxy.

Tor Browser reasons by passing the request of a site for various intermediaries, so that it is impossible to trace back to who made the initial request and which site you tried to access.

In the same way other similar services work, below we will see the alternative to Tor Browser to browse anonymous.


Tails is one of the best alternatives to the ExpressVPN Tor Browser, we are talking about a free LiveCD distribution based on Linux Debian that uses the Tor network to allow users to browse anonymously.

You can start from pendrive, SD card or CD, very easy to use, you find yourself in a Linux environment with applications already installed; even if it uses the Tor network, Tails is able to provide a higher level of protection to guarantee anonymous surfing. Among the programs in the distribution we find a web browser, a suite office, an image editor, a mail client and much more.


I2P is a valid alternative to Tor Browser for anonymous browsing, it is a program able to create an anonymous peer to peer layer using an open source tool.

I2P is much faster than Tor, much more optimized for anonymous browsing, the peers are chosen on the basis of a continuous evaluation of the nodes.

To simplify everything we can say that it is a network within the network whose purpose is to protect communications from third-party monitoring.

It is chosen by those people who care about their privacy and do not want to be tracked or let them know what they do. I2P is available for desktops, integrated systems and Android smartphones.


Freenet is free software distributed with GNU General Public License, written in Java it works perfectly on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and operating systems equipped with Java Virtual Machine.

It is a decentralized network that allows users to surf in anonymity and exchange information protecting privacy. A well-made service that lags a bit on speed, so it is not suitable for exchanging large files.

The network has been designed so that all the information exchanged is encrypted and then replicated on different nodes in continuous change in every part of the world, in this way it is impossible to trace the identity of the first user who requested it.


IprediaOS is another viable alternative to Tor Browser for anonymous browsing, it is a Linux distribution, which allows the user to visit websites anonymously without leaving a trace and to escape advertisements that are definitely too invasive.

It is also possible to communicate in chat without the risk of compromising your personal data. IprediaOS starts from a USB key or virtual machines created on Windows or other Linux distributions.

It has a very simple and intuitive graphic interface that allows the use in total freedom and without particular problems, so it is also suitable for those who are not expert in certain services to surf anonymously on the net.

Subgraph OS

Subgraph OS is a project born in Canada, based on Linux distribution, with the aim of making online anonymous surfing safer and protecting the user from attacks for the tracing of sensitive data from third parties.

Even Subgraph OS connects to the Tor network but with significantly higher security levels to prevent the possibility of anonymity of the user being compromised.

Subgraph OS can be used as a fixed operating system or as a LiveCD to boot from CD, pendrive or SD card. Its strong point is the simplicity of use and the decidedly intuitive graphics.


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