How to send emails or encrypted messages

From last few years it has been customary to use e-mails and private messages to exchange important information or to negotiate transactions of an economic nature, all this happens in the clear most of the time, or in a format readable to anyone who is able to intercept them, to protect the privacy we will see how to send emails or encrypted messages protected by password.

Below we take a look at some services and extensions to send encrypted emails and instant messaging applications that allow cryptography during private conversations, for a greater protection of privacy and security among users who are talking.


Lockbin is a free service that allows you to send emails or encrypted messages, if we deem it necessary to protect our sensitive data.

You do not need any type of registration, after accepting the conditions, we will have an editor in which to compose the email, then we should insert a secret phrase that Lockbin will use to encrypt the mail, this will then be communicated by other means to the recipient of the message. The recipient receives an email notification in which there will be a link to click, he will then have to insert the secret phrase to read the message. A simple and functional service.


Encipher is a free web service that allows you to send emails or encrypted messages to make the text and attachments secure, it does it by encrypting emails and blocking any type of text you do not want to see while surfing the net.

The operation is quite simple, once you have visited the portal, you have to reach the Add Bookmark section and add the link in the bookmarks bar of your browser.

At this point, visit the page of your email client and compose the message, then click on the bookmark, you will see the prompt to enter the encryption key of your message. This key will be communicated to the recipient to enable him to read the email.


MailVelope is a free extension for Chrome and Firefox that allows you to encrypt email messages in just a few steps.

Its operation is quite simple, just install the extension on the browser you are using, enter the mail client, write the email and then enable encryption through the extension.

MailVelope is compatible with the most popular webmail like Yahoo, Libero, Gmail, Outlook and many others.

With this extension it will be easy to send encrypted e-mails, protecting your personal data and information that you do not want to make known to third parties.


Enigmail is an extension for Mozilla Thunderbird, a famous e-mail client, this plugin allows to encrypt any mail in a simple and immediate way.

After installing it, just know the user’s public key to write to, compose the email and check the entry Encrypt the message, in this way the message will be sent encrypted, you will have to communicate the password for reading.

The installation and configuration process is very simple, since everything is followed through a wizard that facilitates the user’s steps, avoiding any problem of comprehension even for those less expert.

Our guide on how to send email or password-protected encrypted messages, moves to the most used instant messaging applications that have adopted encryption.


Whatsapp, the world’s most used application for instant messaging, has introduced an end-to-end encryption system for chats, this means that the messages exchanged can only be read by sender and recipient.

Anyone with an updated version of the application will notice the warning indicating the presence of end-to-end encryption protection: when sending a message the only person who can read it is who receives it, whether it is a person or a group.

No Hacker or third person can read the conversation and get hold of sensitive data, the encryption of Whatsapp aims to make the communications totally secure and secret.

Telegram Messenger

Telegram is a fast and secure instant messaging application, it can be used with any device, the messages are automatically synchronized on smartphones, tablets and PCs.

With Telegram you can send messages, videos, photos and files to people in the phone book and who have the app installed.

It supports two levels of encryption, the server-client one that is used in cloud chats, ie private and group chats, while client-client cryptography is adopted in secret chats. Regardless of the type, the data is encrypted in the same way. Telegram encryption is based on 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, RSA 2048, and Diffie-Hellman security key exchange.


Viber concludes our guide on how to send emails or encrypted messages, this alternative messaging application to Whatsapp, has raised the level of security the same way of the latter by inserting the end-to-end encryption.

Encryption covers all types of conversations in single, group or voice chats and works on the updated version of Viber.

Viber has also introduced Hidden Chats for sending messages through hidden chats in case you do not want them to appear on the main page of the application. Further updates are planned for encryption in order to further protect users’ privacy.

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