How to cancel sending an email to Gmail

The world of technology goes forward and Google knows that to drive and always remain the first on the many services it offers, it must always introduce new functions and new ways to convince the user with the quality of its services and the supremacy of the giant Big G in the world. With Gmail for some time Google has conquered the world of email, coming to equalize and exceed the number of emails activated with the other giant in the industry, that Hotmail service (now Outlook ) owned by Microsoft that dominated undisturbed before the advent of Gmail.

Among the useful features introduced by Google in Gmail for its users there is the function of canceling the sending of mails, present first in “beta” form on Gmail Labs and now available for everyone, but what is it for? Here is an example

Have you just sent an email but have you noticed that you have done something wrong, or that you are sending it to the wrong address? Calm and click on Cancel sent mail which will appear for a few seconds on top of the same page of Gmail on pop up with yellow background.

If you do not find this option then you will have to enable it for future emails, to do it:

  • Go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon
  • Scroll and look for the Cancel Send option and click Activate
  • Set the period within which it will be possible to send the mail
  • Save the changes and return to the previous page

From now on every time you send an email you will find at the top the possibility of canceling the sending of the mail for the time that you have set.

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