HD Video Converter Factory Pro Review

In the world of videomakers and those who work in general with video editing, you should not miss a tool that allows you to convert the files created. One of the simplest in use, but also one of the most complete, is definitely HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Once started, the program presents an interface full of functions but, to avoid getting lost, there is a series of arrows that allow you to start the main activities.
They are accompanied by 3 steps, or steps:

1) selection of the file to be converted

2) choice of the format in which to convert

3) start of the procedure.

This is useful because the program is only available in two languages: one is English and the other is Eastern.

The fact of having all the functions easy to identify, will allow you to take advantage of all the functions of this program. It will be spontaneous to click on Add Files or Video Download to select the video to convert. The first item is used to select a local file, while the second item will download the movie from a link. Then select Output Format to choose the destination video format. Clicking on Run will start the procedure. Simple, no?

We deepen some very useful functions of the program, not necessarily suggested by the arrows of the Step. By clicking on the hammer icon, we will open the program settings. In particular, the Conversion section will be useful to speed up the conversion of the file.
Here we can decide how many cores to assign to the program, how much priority to assign to the processor and whether to take advantage of the acceleration of the video card. Of course, if we have a system with at least 8-core processor and a high-end video card, the conversion will be faster. We can also decide to leave the program only a couple of cores and not to activate the graphics acceleration, so you can also open a game session during the process, or watch a movie or do anything else without loss of performance in the system. Too bad that it is not possible to change the temporary folder, using a Ramdrive for the occasion (especially with a system with a minimum of 16 GB of RAM).

As you can see in the picture, you can choose from a very long list of models for the conversion of our video. In addition to the standard sizes, we can choose some brands. For example, if we select SONY, we can choose to reprocess the file to work perfectly in a Playstation or a TV. According to the model available (a TV, Full HD, 4K 4K UHD, QLED, etc.), the resolution of the video will be “enhanced” accordingly. If the starting file has stereo sound, it can be reprocessed into six channels; the opposite procedure can also be done.

Alternatively, we can select Video, Web, 4KHD or Audio to create a standard file compatible with all devices.

Returning to the settings section, we find a very useful in the HD Setting section. We will be able to process 720p videos in Full HD by activating the relative option. How useful is it? Most videos on YouTube and online TV use the 1280 * 720 resolution. Unfortunately, some devices (such as wall LED) can not show this resolution correctly, forcing to convert to a Full HD (or you must use a program whose rental can cost even $2,000 a day). But Video Converter Factory solves this problem.

create ringtones compatible with iOS and Android

Another useful feature of the program is definitely the Ringtone Studio. It is a converter that transforms any audio or video file into a ringtone compatible with iOS and Android devices. Just select the type of device, the file to be converted and choose whether to save as ringtone for incoming calls ( Phone ringtone) or for SMS. Warning: as soon as you select the file, it will start playing, so pay attention to the volume.

The Video Download function is very useful. Also here we find 3 Step indicated:

  1. Let’s go to a site like YouTube; copy the link of the video you want to copy; paste it in the Add URL line.
  2. We click on Analyze. The entire video will be analyzed. Then we can select the settings (resolution and audio format). In some cases, clicking a second time on Analyze, we will have other results. For example, especially with the files just transmitted and then just saved from the website, we could only receive the low resolution (512 * 288) of the file instead of the high resolution (928 * 522).
  3. At this point we can click on Download and the file will be downloaded.

HD Video Converter Factory Pro provides other features such as the ability to create new audio and video models. Moreover, if we have a TS file (coming from a digital video recorder), we can select the secondary audio stream, which other programs (free or not) do not.

If you want to try the program, you can click here. Then select Free Download. If you want, you can buy a one-year license for the price of about 29.5$, but by adding 5$ you can get a lifetime license (which also includes the DVD Ripper Pro program ).

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