What is Tumblr and how it works

Tumblr has definitely revolutionized the world of social networks and blogs, it is a platform born in 2006 with the aim of recalling a user lover of sharing of content and blogs.

In fact, we could define Tumblr as a social networking and microblogging platform that allows the creation of tumble blogs, that is, posts of various kinds; before explaining what Tumblr is and how it works we focus on the two words expressed a short while ago, namely “social networking” and “microblogging”.

Tumblr is intense as a social network because it allows to share its contents with the rest of the world, favoring the interaction between registered users, while it is also microblogging because it is possible to post small multimedia contents such as images, videos and short texts. which can be said that the tumbleblogs are nothing more than a variant of the classic blogs, but striking for its brevity and for the visual impact, rather than for the long articles posted.

How to subscribe to Tumblr

Subscribing to Tumblr is very simple, by connecting to the official site, you must enter your email address, a password and a username and proceed, once you are asked to select some topics of interest.

The main section of your account is a dashboard, which would be a kind of bulletin board in which the blogs followed by the user and the features that can be used appear.

Much like Facebook on some verses, even Tumblr allows you to publish texts, images, videos, links and quotes, all taking advantage of the icons on the bulletin board.

The posts can be published at the time or scheduled, moreover, it is allowed to insert tags, to post like to the post and to interact leaving comments.

The graphical interface and the functions

Tumblr presents a simple and intuitive graphical interface, from the first access you can understand all the features made available by the platform, at the top we find the bar to search for content and post within Tumblr, on the same line there are several icons: dashboard, Explore, Inbox, Messages, Tasks, Accounts and Create a post.

The dashboard icon allows you to quickly return to the bulletin board, the Explore button allows you to enter a panel containing the contents posted on Tumblr, with the possibility to choose them using filters such as Photos, Videos, Texts, Quotes, Recommended, Popular and etc.

The inbox contains the emails received, while the messages are a kind of instant chat that allows you to communicate in real time with and other users.

Finally, the item Activities allows you to see the activities done and followed on the platform, Account allows you to access profile information and create a post, allows you to quickly enter a new content.

At the center of the Dashboard we find the posts published by the people we follow, while on the right the recommended blogs.

Another interesting function is to be able to reiterate, that is to post on the blog the contents of other users, exactly as it happens on Facebook and Twitter, in the case of Tumblr is almost essential, since more than 90% of content are reposted.

Another interesting feature is that you can customize the structure of your blog through the HTML as it happens on WordPress, Blogger and other blogging platform, but we must take into account that the smartphone does not match the graphics of the PC, but is applied a personalized theme with the possibility to choose only images and colors.

How to customize the graphics of your blog on Tumblr

To change the appearance of your blog on Tumblr you have to click on the account and then on Edit Graphics, a series of settings will appear that allow the customization of every aspect.

You can change the username, the blog theme, set the permissions to decide who can comment and who not, schedule the publication time of posts, choose the language, decide whether to insert advertising, whether to share on Facebook or Twitter, choose who can send private messages and decide who to block.

By entering the theme edit you can change every aspect, background, colors, fonts, avatars, decide what to show and what not and other options to completely customize your blog.


Tumblr is an interesting platform from the point of view of marketing, thanks to the dissemination of content and short texts, the publication of images and phrases that affect and are shared quickly, it is a good marketing strategy for those who intend to advertise the own products and not only.

On this social network, there are blogs dedicated to anything: sports, TV series, music, fitness, food, artists, fashion bloggers and much more, so with some basic knowledge and a minimum understanding of the public, you can create a good network of users who may be interested in the contents that are published and the products that they decide to sponsor through blog posts, all in a simple and intuitive way.

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