11 Best alternatives to Dropbox for Cloud Storage

Dropbox is one of the most famous cloud storage services in the world that can also be used completely for free. With this new article today, however, we aim to list what we believe are the best alternatives to Dropbox that we can use today.

Google Drive

The first solution that we recommend is Google Drive, the online storage platform made available by the Californian giant. It offers 15 GB of free space and can also be synchronized with an unlimited number of devices.

Moreover, through the Backup and synchronization software that can be installed on a computer, you can easily backup and synchronize the files and folders on your machine. In addition to this, Google Drive can boast a perfect integration with other applications developed by Big G. For example, you can write a document using Google Documents or create a worksheet using Google Sheets.

An app for Android and iOS smartphones/tablets with which to manage personal files on the move is not missing. You can upgrade to Google One to take advantage of 100 GB per month at a cost of 1.99 dollars (or 19.99 dollars per year) or 200 GB at 2.99 dollars per month (or 29.99 dollars per year). Other 2, 10, 20 or 30 TB tops available.

Microsoft OneDrive

Among the best alternatives to Dropbox we decided to also list OneDrive, the popular cloud storage service offered by MicrosoftOneDrive offers free 5 GB of online storage space which, yes they are not the same amount as that proposed by Google Drive, but still greater than the 2 GB provided by Dropbox.

Just like the Big G platform, the Redmond giant service also allows it to be used on an unlimited number of devices such as smartphones, tablets and Windows/MacOS PCsOneDrive also particularly convenient in that it is integrated into Windows 10, then you have access to very simply stored files using the file manager Explorer File.

Of course, you can access the cloud storage platform using either a simple browser or by downloading the application for Android and iOS. If you are looking for additional storage, then you can choose the OneDrive plan with 50 GB for the price of 2 dollars per month for storage only or opt for Office 365 Personal subscriptions with 1 TB for 7 dollars per month or 69 dollars per year ( with many other tools included as the Office package) or Office 365 Home at the price of 99 dollars per year or 10 dollars per month with 6 TB of storage.

iCloud Drive

If you own a MaciPhone and/or iPad, then the perfect solution is definitely iCloud as it allows you to make a complete backup of all the files on your device. Free of charge, iCloud Drive offers 5 GB of online storage space which is certainly more than the 2 GB proposed by Dropbox. In addition to this, the bitten apple service allows it to be used on an unlimited number of devices.

iCloud Drive is integrated into macOS, iPhone and iPad but can still be accessed from a Windows PC by downloading the official client or using the iCloud.com website from any browser. Unfortunately, an app is not available for Android but you can take advantage of the Internet portal in desktop version. Just like the plans the services listed earlier, even iCloud Drive allows you to expand storage by moving up to 50 GB to 99 cents a month, 200 GB to 2.99 dollars a month or 2 TB to 9.99 dollars a month.

Amazon Drive

Although it is less known than the other platforms listed above, Amazon Drive is the online storage service offered by Amazon. This allows you to back up photos and videos in a few simple steps.

However, to use Amazon Drive for free, you need a Prime subscription. Besides this, there is no possibility to automatically synchronize the files. Amazon Drive is usable both online by accessing the website and downloading the application for iOS and Android on your smartphone/tablet

The best alternatives to Dropbox: beyond solutions

If you are not satisfied with the services listed in the last few lines, you can consider the other platforms that we offer below.

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