Android 10 on Samsung Galaxy: when will release, compatible devices and how to download it

Android 10 on Samsung Galaxy: when it releases and what are the models compatible with the update? Here’s when it will be available and how to download the new version.

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How to download Android 10 on Samsung Galaxy: the new update of Google’s operating system is being rolled out and the latest version will soon be available for download for all compatible Samsung smartphones on the list.

Android 10, previously known as Android Q, is the new version of the green robot’s operating system and among the compatible models we also find the latest Samsung smartphones like Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and Note 10 alongside the previous and more updated models (capable of still support an update to the new version). When will Android 10 be available for Galaxy smartphones and which models will be compatible? Here’s all you need to know.

Android 10 on Samsung Galaxy: how to upgrade

Currently Android 10 is open in its full version only for the smartphone of the Google Pixel line, while the Beta version is available for all compatible devices.

While the Android 9 Pie rollout touched almost all the devices available for sale, the news on the next version is not yet final.

We know that Android 10 will surely be available for Samsung Galaxy line smartphones, but we still don’t know when exactly. The latest news, however, is positive: the South Korean giant has already started working on the implementation of the new devices on Android, but the new version could wait a little longer (while Xiaomi seems to be in pole position among the producers who will receive first updating).

Android 10: compatible Samsung smartphones and output

Samsung said it had started testing on the new version of Android for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, alongside the top of the line Galaxy S10+.

The manufacturer is also working on the new One UI 2.0 interface: we have reason to believe that even Samsung Galaxy 8 and 8 Plus next to 9 and 9 Plus will have the availability to upgrade along with some of the latest successful mediogam as Galaxy A80 .

The time line of the previous updates lets us easily assume a start of distribution for Android 10 on Samsung around the end of the year. Samsung, which has confirmed its membership, is used to release the list of samrtphones compatible with Beta around November/December, with the download of the full version starting in February.

For the time being owners of a Samsung smartphone cannot yet access the Beta program. We will keep you posted.

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