Android 10: release, news, features and how to download it

Android 10 is official: all the news, the release date, and new features like the Dark Mode, the gestures and models compatible with the new update.
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Android 10, the new version of the operating system of Google dedicated to the green robot smartphone has been officially presented. The official release is scheduled for this fall but in the meantime it is possible to download the beta already: so many news and new features available to change the mobile world once again (known until now as Android Q).

There are many Android smartphones, like Samsung and Huawei to name a few major manufacturers, used by millions of users every day. Android 10 will be available by the end of the year in a complete manner with many long-awaited innovations such as the Dark Mode and native support for the new 5G network.

Here is all you need to know about Android 10 and how to download it, currently in beta for different devices.

Android 10: release date

The recent Google I / O has shed light on several new aspects of the new Android Q, now known as Android 10, now available for download in beta for several devices.

In this way it is possible to take a look at the new functions and the probable aspect that will characterize the new operating system starting from the coming months.

As was the case for 9 Pie, therefore, the end of summer seems to be the most papal period for the debut of the new operating system developed by the Mountain View technicians.

Android 10: all the news

Android 10 breaks the tradition starting from the name: no more sweets and candies, but a number indicating the version number of the famous operating system. An epochal change, announced by Google through an official trailer on YouTube.

The main new features of Android 10 have been known for some time, thanks to the presentation held by Google during the dedicated panel, so you can get an idea of ​​the important and consistent updates coming.

First of all, the 5G: between the end of 2019 and next year we will hear more and more about this new type of mobile connection, destined to change the way we surf from smartphones and not only. The new Android 10 will mount 5G support natively and will therefore be ready to accept the new generation network technology on any device.

Another sure novelty will instead be Live Caption, presented in the past and that allows you to make a real time transcription of everything we say thanks to lip recognition, real subtitles generated automatically and extremely faithful.

The dark theme makes its official debut: the Android 10 Dark Mode has been designed to save energy on devices mounted on AMOLED and OLED screens and to activate it, simply open the quick settings menu and touch the appropriate virtual switch that will toggle interface from white to black (with peace of mind of the battery). To make the new feature work better, Google will work to publish dark themes for all the major Android apps.

The new navigation gestures within the operating system that with Android 10 will retire the back button in favor of a simple and more immediate swipe back and forth is also expected.

Guaranteed also support flexible screens to the new foldable smartphone, a sign that Android will be enabled in 10 different versions including the first device coming as Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X.

Smart Reply has also been improved, which makes interactive notifications allowing messages to be answered directly from the notification center as well as suggesting users which apps to open (typing an address, Android 10 will suggest opening Google Maps for example).

The latest rumors also speak of a new function similar to the iPhone 3D Touch: the news comes from Android Police and refers to the wording found by the leakers called DEEP_PRESS. Exactly as it already happens on iOS, through a prolonged pressure on the screen by the user it will be possible to activate different options, even if it is not clear how it will be implemented in the different models of smartphones on the market (having, like on iPhone, to rely on specific components that allow you to take advantage of the three-dimensional touch).

Privacy and security will be greatly implemented by Google, with a new area completely closed to any external application. Geolocation has also been improved with new restrictions for apps that keep track of the users’ position, with constant fighting even for phishers and theft of personal data and information.

Connectivity will see a significant improvement with regard to all the tools related to the Smart Home. An important Antispam function is also introduced to more easily identify calls from unknown contacts, going to weave telephone numbers directly to profiles on social networks like Facebook.

Recently, in the second version of the Beta, the Bubbles feature was introduced: this allows you to successfully exploit a multitasking activity in a similar way to what was done by apps like Messenger, through small pop-up windows that appear overlay while another application is open.

While in current smartphones it is possible to get to use two windows at the same time, some layouts arrived online assume a use up to three windows at the same time, allowing the use of three applications thanks to a Multi-Resume function (particularly relevant in view of smartphones folding).

How to download Android 10

It is not said that Android 10 will represent a total revolution compared to Pie, indeed it is more likely that the new work system will work to significantly improve what has already been done by the latest version of the green robot. More details will emerge in the coming months, and it is obvious to expect really interesting news.

To download Android 10 you need to make sure that your smartphone is compatible with beta 3 and then download the appropriate firmware for your phone: contact the official website for the Android beta at this link.


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